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    Dan Henderson out of canceled UFC 151; Jon Jones turns down Chael Sonnen as replacement - Yahoo! Sports

    Fans will have even more reason to hate Jon Jones now.

    A partial tear to the medial collateral ligament in Dan Henderson's right knee forced the cancellation Thursday of the entire UFC 151 card, which was slated for Sept. 1 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

    UFC president Dana White said light heavyweight champion Jon Jones declined to fight Chael Sonnen, whom he proposed as a replacement for Henderson. That would have kept the show alive, but White said when Jones wouldn't agree to meet Sonnen, he had no choice but to cancel the show.

    "I'm stunned," White told Yahoo! Sports on Thursday. "We've never had a situation where this happened before, where a champion wouldn't step up to fight."

    Jones agreed to fight Lyoto Machida on Sept. 22 at UFC 152 in Toronto. It is a rematch of the main event of UFC 140, which Jones won by choking out Machida in the second round.

    White heaped praise upon Sonnen for being willing to take the fight on such short notice.

    "Chael's been out there talking all this crazy [expletive] about Jones, but he proved that he not only talks the talk, he walks the walk," White said. "I offered the fight to a couple of guys, and believe me when I tell you, nobody wants to fight Jon Jones on [short] notice. Nobody. But when I called Chael, that crazy [expletive] said, 'Not only will I fight him, but I'll get on a plane and fight him at Mandalay Bay tonight, if that's what you want.' "

    Henderson said Thursday he injured his knee while defending a takedown in practice. He said it won't require surgery, but doctors advised him to stay completely off of it for three weeks. He said the knee "is pretty unstable right now."

    He was devastated by the cancellation because he believed he had a great opportunity to upset the highly regarded Jones, who is rated No. 2 in the world in the Yahoo! Sports pound-for-pound rankings. He said he was willing to fight injured if he had any way of doing so, but said the lack of stability in his knee prevented that.

    "This is the first time in UFC history that the champion wouldn't step up and fight [a replacement], and I was pretty shocked to hear that," Henderson said. "It's not like he's injured. It's unbelievable to me that he wouldn't take that 'the show must go on' attitude. If there was any way I could have gone, and any way that I thought I could give myself a chance to win, I would have done that."

    In a bid to save the card, White called several fighters and offered them the match against Jones. None but Sonnen, though, wanted to take on Jones without the benefit of a full training camp.

    Sonnen, a middleweight who announced during an appearance on Fuel TV on Aug. 14 that he would be moving up to light heavyweight for a Dec. 29 fight against Forrest Griffin, was willing to take the risk.

    Sonnen, who was knocked out by middleweight champion Anderson Silva after missing a spinning back fist in a highly profitable rematch on July 7 in Las Vegas, said he never considered saying no.

    "I was shocked and I'm shocked much more that the show was canceled," Sonnen said. "We all have to pitch in and help. It surprised me [Jones turned down the fight]. That's the first time I can recall that happening."

    Sonnen hadn't trained since he lost to Silva and conceded his weight was high. He declined to say specifically what he weighed on Thursday, but said he would have had a lot of work to do to make the 205-pound limit. However, he insisted he would have made it.

    In a defense of Jones, Sonnen said "it's a big thing to ask of anybody," to take on a new opponent on such short notice. But he said it's much riskier for the person in his position, as the fighter who hadn't been training, than it would have been for Jones, who had been preparing for Henderson.

    Even given his disadvantages, Sonnen said he thought he could win the fight.

    "Of course I could have won," Sonnen said. "You have to realize, I fell down in my last fight and I didn't get back up. It's not like it was a hard match for me up to that point. I'm not going to fall down again."

    Sonnen said he's unsure if he will fight Griffin as was originally planned on Dec. 29.

    Neither Jones nor any representatives could be reached for comment.

    White said the decision to cancel the show was the first time in more than 11 years owning the UFC he had to do that. The UFC canceled a planned March show in Montreal, but that was before matches were officially announced.

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    To be fair Jon Jones shouldn't have to fight anyone within days to prepare. It sucks that it happened because I was really looking forward to the Jones/Henderson fight. Fact is if Jones would have fought Sonnen anyways there's no way that the belt should have been on the line cause that's just ridiculous to me.

    LMAO, I just listened to clips from a Dana White conference call on Fox Sports. How angry he was and what he said made me laugh hysterically. He sounded more like a man man with a wounded ego than someone that pretty much put a company if not a sport on the map. How angry he is at Jon Jones and Greg Jackson (his trainer) is a joke and kind of shows that Dana may not be as classy as he puts on. What he says about Greg Jackson is absurd because he told Jon Jones that taking the fight against Sonnen would be the worst thing he would do and it makes complete sense to me it could be a huge mistake for Jon Jones to take the fight. Dana really needs to get over his hurt ego and take this for what it is.
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      Other UFC champions in the past have accepted title defenses in 1-2 weeks notice. I think Dana is more upset he had to cancel the whole event than anything. He had to blame someone, so it had to be Jones.


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        Jon Jones reportedly asked Dana White to tell Chael Sonnen to stop calling him out | Cagewriter - Yahoo! Sports

        Before UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones turned down a fight with Chael Sonnen, the two engaged in a war of words. Sonnen called Jones out, Jones responded with, "If you're going to disrespect me out of nowhere, at least disrespect me to my face like a man. And you call me a punk, I'm more man than you'll ever be," and then Jones said he knew what he was doing all along.

        Except, there are reports now that Jones was bothered by Sonnen not only calling out Jones here, but in the many things Sonnen said after Jones turned down their fights. He even reportedly asked UFC president Dana White to tell Sonnen to stop.

        This isn't the first time Jones has been oddly bothered by what people have to say about him. After beating Quinton Jackson at UFC 135, the UFC brought Rashad Evans into the cage for the two to face off for their next fight. Jones was so bothered by the sight of his former friend in the cage that he ignored Evans' compliments on how he fought, and said Evans "ruined his night twice." Really? Jones had just beaten a former champion by submission, but the mere sight of Evans ruined what should have been a jubilant evening for him.
        When Jones apologized for getting behind the wheel of a car while drunk, he lashed out again at his "haters" who tried to "kick him while he was down." After White announced the cancellation of UFC 151 and lashed out against Jones and his camp, Jones actually unfollowed his boss on Twitter.

        For a millionaire professional athlete, Jones has a thin skin. He often appears more concerned with what his detractors think than his supporters.

        It's an odd stance for someone of his level to take, because part of the job of being a famous athlete is dealing with people who don't like you. Look at the mentions of Twitter pages or Facebook pages for any pro athlete. They are being blamed for everything from fantasy team losses to ruining a fan's life. San Francisco 49er Kyle Williams received death threats after fumbling in a playoff game. It's not right that anyone should have to deal with such vitriol, but it's part of the fame game.

        Jones has the skills, speed, reach, height and fight intelligence to stay at the top of the MMA world for a long, long time. He appears so far above his competition that the only person who can beat him is Jon Jones. Right now, he should be thinking about his fight with Vitor Belfort on Sept. 22, not be worried about what Sonnen has to say.