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    I thought this would be a good fun topic and discussion thread. Majority of the times, wrestling fans think they can book wrestling shows and pay per views better than the actual company can. By seeing some of the stuff on television over the years, I can totally agree with that notion.

    In this case, you be the booker for WWE wrestling. What storylines, feuds, and recurring themes would you write for the show?

    These are some of the storylines and suggestions I would do:

    I know they wont end the brand split anytime soon, but they should move most main eventers and 7 foot wrestlers to Raw and have Smackdown have the rising young stars and the technical wrestlers. That way wrestlers who dont deserve to be champions like Great Khali, Sheamus, Ezekial Jackson, and Drew McIntyre will be stuck on mid card status on Raw instead of winning the World Title. Have a core Smackdown roster that includes Edge, Chris Jericho, Rey Misterio, C.M. Punk, Christian, John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, The Miz, MVP, Kofi Kingston, Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith, Daniel Bryan, Kaval, etc.

    Turn John Cena heel. I am so tired of his good guy gimmick. He needs to go back into his rapper gimmick where fans hated him and he was actually entertaining.

    Keep Randy Orton in his "Stone Cold" type role. Dont make him into a fan favorite, keep him in his character where he doesnt care what people think of him. Much like what make Stone Cold the biggest face in the company 10 years ago.

    Stop burying Chris Jericho in all his feuds. For someone who was the first Undisputed World Champion, Jericho is used to job to the rest of the main eventers before a pay per view title match.

    Move Gail Kim and Katie Lea to Smackdown to even out the women wrestlers on both shows.

    Turn either Kane or Big Show into an unstoppable force. Both wrestlers were unstoppable monsters when they first debut. Over the years, they both job to everyone who main events the next pay per view. The one good thing WCW did other than Goldberg and Sting, was making The Giant unstoppable.

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    once again agreed 100%
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      Forgot to add Carlito to the lineup of Smackdown stars. I know he has had his chances in the past and his attitude has soured officials, but he is a good wrestler.


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        Cena can return to the freestyle raps without turning heel. Problem is, he's saddled with promos written by morons (i.e. Brian Gewirtz).


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          The only time I ever liked Cena was during his rapper gimmick. Turning him heel would be the biggest turn since Stone Cold turned heel at Wrestlemania 17.