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WWE Releases Alberto Del Rio

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  • WWE Releases Alberto Del Rio

    Looks like having Del Rio constantly beat Ziggler this year was stupid since they ended up releasing him.

    We noted before that WWE did not use Alberto Del Rio's real name when announcing his release from the company this evening. It's also interesting that they did not wish him the best in his future endeavors.

    For what it's worth, Rob Feinstein of RF Video wrote on his Facebook that Del Rio was involved in a backstage incident at the recent WWE TV tapings. RF claimed that Del Rio had words with an employee who works for WWE's social media department and allegedly slapped him. This should be taken as strictly rumor for now.

    We've noted how Del Rio has expressed interest in leaving WWE and returning to Mexico once his deal expired this year.

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    What a bust.
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      So wrestlers can take drugs, get DUIs, get in fist fights with other wrestlers, beat their wives, but if they slap a WWE employee they get fired? LOL!


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        Wasn't he getting ready to leave anyways? It was probably just a quicker way out for both parties.

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          Yeah he was going back to AAA in Mexico in a few months. Probably wanted a head start. LOL.