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Your thoughts/prayers are needed please

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  • Your thoughts/prayers are needed please

    Please keep my best friend Mike .....he is the MIKE in (ac-n-mike) god-father to both of my kids....and his family in your thoughts etc

    He and his wife had a baby girl (Zoey) in July... his wife was on bed rest for 30+ weeks... Zoey was in the ICU for about 2 weeks (because she was premature), went home fine back in early August... all was well for the last few months

    This past Friday, she was spitting up etc and not taking formula...

    X-Ray showed a mass on her liver.... she was transfered to another hospital where they found fluid surrounding her heart...

    Tonight they performed a procedure to remove the fluid from around her heart, now recovery... and then later this week they will perform the removal of part of her liver... and biopsy the mass... I am terrified for them and can't even imagine, even after all the medical issues and surgery with my own son, what they are going through right now...

    ALL of your thoughts are VERY much appreciated....

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    thoughts and prayers sent to this angel ... on behalf of me and my husband love to ac-mike and his family


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      prayers on the way!
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        I hope, and pray, that all goes well. I also pray that all family and friends will turn their burdens concerning this over to God, He is willing to take them. God Bless.

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          she will be in our thoughts . I have 11 month old who has been in and out of hospitals its a hard thing to go through . will be praying

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            still no word as to when the procedure will be (tomorrow or wednesday) and how much of the liver they will have to remove... or WHAT the heck the "mass" is.... but please continue to keep Zoey in your thoughts/prayers.. thanks guys


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              just received horrible news.... Zoey has liver cancer... (heptoblastoma 1 in 1.5 million)

              PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers...

              it's gonna be a long road... but I know this little girl can pull through


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                Little Zoey had a rough "holiday" ...

                more fluid around the mass/tumor... more fluid around her heart (they cut a "window" in the lining around her heart to drain the fluid.

                She is also of course getting sick for her first and second chemo treatments...

                please continue to pray for her and her family... it's gonna be a looooong difficult road

                Thanks guys
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                  Hey guys, first thanks to all of you for your kind words etc about My buddy Mike's little girl Zoey

                  Her liver transplant was saturday Dec 3rd...(they found out 11-11-11 that she had a tumor and then found out on the 22nd or so that it was a VERY rare type of cancer ) Wednesday morning or there abouts, Zoey had finished dialysis and was said to be looking a little better... but still saldy very bad. The liver took perfectly, but he issues with her heart and lungs and kidneys (from what I remember) were just too much to over come. There was nothing else that could be done.

                  Last Thursday was hands down the most horrible, sad, surreal moment of my life. What do you say to someone who loses a child? Zoey passed early Thursday evening and I was in the hospital room with Mike and his wife, some of their family and Zoey, until around midnight when they finally took Zoey away and Mike and Gina made their way home.

                  I will never forget that night... for the horror of the experience, but as well as the love that I felt in that room and the feeling that I know the strongest people I have ever met.

                  Thanks to you guys again, I will be around here and there, but for obvious reasons, it will be more to vent etc... my best friend is going through the most horrible thing imaginable right now and I could use a few places to vent...

                  Zoey Isadora Dockal
                  June 14, 2011 - December 8, 2011

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                    our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this most difficult time makes you cling to those who are close to you ... big cyber hugs from your friends ryan and billy


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                      I will say a prayer for your friends. I am sorry to hear about what happened.