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2010 Topps Pro Debut Baseball Series 2 Hobby Box

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  • bobdabench
    nice review like the autos tx bob

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  • schwood
    Love the Pimentel GU. Pretty good looking cards. Following the Topps set this year. Pretty nice!

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  • bobdabench
    leave it to topps to come up with another nice product great cards should be a rookie collectors dream bob

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  • Trocat
    Great review, I like the Future Foundations cards.

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  • Hoffmoen
    Nice review, sweet looking cards

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  • Mister_Ed
    an alright looking product- not super excited about a prospect only set, but the cards look nice- as most topps products do

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  • Brads55
    Great review and killer looking product! Definitely diggin how this set turned out!

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  • thebighurt035
    Nice review Chris,
    I picked up a couple of packs and it was nice to see the Kane County Cougars in there.

    I like the look of the Future Foundations inserts.

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  • ranbethscards
    Not much into the prospect product, but love the "action" autographs!

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  • gladdyontherise
    Nice review! I really like the set, and I always enjoy the prospect stuff

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  • key2win
    Nice review Chris. The game used card looks really nice since they used a jumbo jersey swatch. The autos look good with the different colored borders on the card.

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  • Myerburg311
    started a topic 2010 Topps Pro Debut Baseball Series 2 Hobby Box

    2010 Topps Pro Debut Baseball Series 2 Hobby Box

    The only official baseball card of Minor League baseball!

    - Hobby Exclusive Product!
    - 2 Autograph Cards Per Box!
    - 1 Numbered Relic Card Per Box!
    - 8 Numbered Parallel Cards Per Box!

    Insertion rates are based on estimated production levels, which may vary from the actual insertion rates to be published on product packaging

    BASE CARDS (1,100 variations) - 8 per Pack!
    - Minor League Stars (220) - Topps Design & Technology
    - Base Parallel Cards - 8 per Box!
    *Red (220) - 1/1
    *Printing Plates (220 subjects/880 cards) - 1/1
    *Gold (220) - Numbered to 50!
    *Blue (220) - Numbered to 299

    AUTOGRAPH CARDS (95 variations) - 2 per BOX!
    - Prospect Cards (15)
    - Prospect Parallel Cards
    *Red (15) - 1/1
    *Printing Plates (15 subjects/60 cards) - 1/1
    *Gold (15) - Numbered to 50!
    *Blue (15) - Numbered to 199
    - Debut Cuts (20) - Numbered

    RELIC CARDS (250 variations) - 1 per BOX!
    - All-Star Futures Game (50) - Numbered
    - All-Star Futures Game Parallel Cards (50) - Numbered to 25!
    - Book Patch (50) - 1/1
    - Flag Patch (50) - 1/1
    - Red Bordered Patch (50) - Numbered to 5!

    INSERT CARDS (75 variations) - 20 per BOX!
    - Future Foundations (25) -
    - Baseball America's Tools of the Trade (50)
    - Printing Plates (75 subjects/300 cards) - 1/1

    The goods of what I received in my box:


    163/220 -74% and best of all - no doubles!

    Blue numbered out of 369

    253 Mycal Jones
    290 John Lamb
    342 Daryl Jones
    353 Devin Mesoraco
    381 Jacob Turner
    413 Robert Rowland
    428 Desmond Jennings

    Gold numbered out of 50

    439 Casey Haerther

    Future Foundations

    9 Mike Moustakas
    15 Jordan Lyles
    18 Grant Green
    21 Julio Teheran

    Baseball America's Tools of the Trade

    3 Desmond Jennings
    7 John Lamb
    14 Tyler Matzek
    23 J.P. Arencibia
    42 Grant Green
    47 Jeff Decker
    49 Matt Moore
    50 Peter Bourjos

    Game Used

    Futures Game Jersey
    Stolmy Pimentel /199


    Jay Austin
    Steve Garrison


    Brett Jackson /50

    Final thoughts on my break:

    I really like the look of this set. It brings Topps great game photography to the Minor League scene as opposed to portraits or college uniforms.. Also pictures each player in their respective Minor League uniform, which I find very cool

    The inserts are very nice designs. They kind of remind me of the glory days of inserts, the 90s, which I find refreshing.. I really like the BA TOTT cards and especially enjoy the rating system on the back..

    I like the Jumbo relic cards as opposed to the normal tiny swatches on today's cards.. The autographs are all stickered but they look very nice and the cards were designed to embed the auto in the card to give them a nice sleek look

    Product Rating:

    Value = 5
    Innovation = 5
    Fun and Experience = 5
    Rebuy Value = 5

    Overall I rate this an A++

    Finally a prospect set with up to date uniforms and brilliant color photography!

    Not to mention there are a TON of big name players sure to leave their mark on their respective leagues and onto a television set near you!

    NPN info:
    Open to US/Canadian (except Quebec) residents only

    hand print your name and address on a 3 x 5 card and mail in a #10 envelope to
    NPN 2010 Topps Pro Debut Baseball Series 2
    PO BOX 766
    Pittston, PA 18640

    Only one card per envelope postmarked by December 22, 2010 and received by December 29, 2010

    Canadian skill-test question: 11 x 3 + 7 -12 =?

    I would like to thank TOPPS & Card Collectors World for giving me the chance to review this new product. Be on the lookout for contests involving cards from this break.
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