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  • 2011 Press Pass Nascar

    2011 Press Pass

    First Product of the Year!

    Here is the break down, as printed on the box, for the 2011 Press Pass product:

    Expanded 200-Card Base Set! Memorabilia line-up: GEARED UP - featuring a variety of race-used memorabilia, TRADIN’ PAINT - alternate paint scheme sheet metal cards, and BURING RUBBER RACE WIN TIRE - race-used rubber from 2010 RACE-WIN Tires (Look for Hobby-only PRIME CUTS premium swatch cards #’d to 25 or less)…1:30 combined, BURNING RUBBER SIGNATURE EDITION - autographed version (Hobby-only, #’d to 10), SIGNATURE SERIES TIRE EDITION (Hobby -only #’d to 11), PRESS PASS AUTOGRAPHS - limited edition only in Press Pass 2011 and Press Pass Eclipse 2011…1:84 combined (Look for rare autographed press plates!), WINNING TICKET - set-within-a-set…1:3 (short prints 1:30), CUP CHASE CONTEST ENTRY CARDS…1:30, FLASHBACK…1:10, TRADIN’ PAINT…1:15, GOLD PARALLEL - #’d to 50 (Hobby-only), BLUE HOLO PARALLEL - #’d to 10 (Hobby-only), HALL OF FAME - 25-card gold foil insert spread across 2011 brands; collect 5 of 25 in Press Pass 2011...1:30. Also look for Holo version #’d to 50 (Hobby-only). FOUR-WIDE features four pieces of race-used memorabilia on one card! Four versions per driver! Spread throughout 2011 releases (Hobby-only). Odds are reflective of overall press run and do not guarantee number of insert cards per pack, box, or case. Some cards may need to be redeemed. Redemption expires 12/31/11.
    30 Packs Per Box. You are guaranteed ONE MEMORABILIA Card in each Box!

    (NOTE: Autographs are 1 in every 3 boxes, on average.)

    Onto the Card Collectors World Box Break!……..

    The cards are made from a light-weight card stock and the race-used are made with an extremely thick (1/8” and 1/4”) card stock.

    BASE CARDS: There are 200-cards in the base set.

    Cards 1 -110: Cup Series Drivers, Nationwide Series Drivers, Camping World Truck Series Drivers, and their respective cars and/or trucks.

    Cards 111 - 122: “Transporters”. These cards highlight a few of the different semi’s that haul the cards and equipment from race-to-race.

    Cards 123 - 134: “Coast To Coast”. Highlight many of the different NASCAR tracks, to include Bristol, Daytona, Martinsville, and Watkins Glen.

    Cards 135 - 153: “Leaders Of The Pack”. These cards highlight the winners from the Cup, Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series.

    Cards 154 -169: “2010 Highlights”. From McMurray’s win at Daytona, to Johnson’s first road course win, to the debut of the NNS Car of Tomorrow.

    Cards 170 - 188: “Gas And Go”. The crews view from the pits.

    Cards 189 - 200: “Top 12”. The drivers who finished in the Top 12 for the year.

    Danica Cards: I know everyone is wondering what Danica cards we pulled out of this box. We pulled three different base cards: 39 (Driver Card), 117 (Transporter), and 155 (2010 Highlight - Danica’s NASCAR Debut).


    ZERO “0” CARD: 2010 Contenders. Listing all the Top 12 drivers.

    TRADIN‘ PAINT: While, on average, there are two Tradin’ Paint cards per box, we only pulled one. Tony Stewart TP8.

    FLASHBACK: On average there are three Flashback cards per box, we pulled four! Jeff Gordon FB7, Jimmie Johnson FB8, Tony Stewart FB9, and Bill Elliott FB10.

    WINNING TICKET: We pulled nine Tickets out of the box, to include one short print! Kurt Busch WT4, Denny Hamlin WT8, David Reutimann WT19, Denny Hamlin WT26, Jimmie Johnson WT28, Marcos Ambrose WT38, Austin Dillon WT43, Kevin Harvick WT44, Dale Earnhardt Sr WT57 (Short Print!)

    CUP CHASE: Kurt Busch CCR5

    CLASS OF 2011: We pulled a Bobby Allison Hall of Fame NHOF104.

    GOLD PARRALELL: On average there should be two Gold per box. We pulled two: Jeff Burton (Car) 60 #09/50 and Clint Boywer 4 #01/50.


    BLUE HOLO PARRALELL: Mark Martin (Car) 78 #07/10!

    TRADIN’ PAINT SHEET METAL: Mark Martin TP-MM #13/25!

    WHAT DO I LIKE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT? One of the highlights to me are the Winning Tickets. These are great looking cards! The extra thick race-used cards are nice and the Mark Martin Tradin’ Paint Sheet Metal is very heavy (weight-wise). We only had one double in the base cards! That is truly remarkable!

    WHAT DO I NOT LIKE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT? The 200 card base set seems to me to be a little too much, but I’m not much of a base set collector. The sub-sets inside the set will make it easier for those of us that prefer not to do the 200 card base set.

    FAVORITE CARD: Now, you may think I’m crazy, but for my favorite card I am picking the Winning Ticket set. Oh I know you will argue that the Mark Martin Tradin’ Paint Sheet Metal is a fantastic pull or the Mark Martin Blue Holo Parralell #07/10 is a surprise pull, but for me I’ll take the Winning Ticket cards!

    Cost: approximately $65.00 - $80.00


    Value = 4
    Innovation = 4
    Fun and Experience = 4.5
    Rebuy Value = 4


    I would like to thank Press Pass and Card Collectors World for giving me the chance to review this product.

    Support the sponsors that support

    NPN: Open only to US/Canadian (except Quebec) residents. For a chance to obtain any of the insert cards listed above, at the same odds, while supplies last, hand print your name and complete address, on a 3 X 5 card and mail in a #10 envelope to: NPN Press Pass Legends 2010, 9115 Harris Corners Parkway, Suite 200, Charlotte NC 28260. Only one card per envelope mailed separately, postmarked by January 13, 2011 and received by January 20, 2011. No metered mail. Limit 1 request per household for Press Pass Legends 2010. Failure to comply will result in your entry being disqualified. Drawings on or about February 3, 2011. Only persons selected will be notified. Potential Canadian winners will be required to first correctly answer a mathematical skill-testing question. Include on a 3 X 5 card the answer to the following skill-testing question: 50 + (2 X 4) - 10 = ?
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    Nice review, the blue parallels are pretty cool, and the Mark Martin RU is sweet!


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      Great review and I love the amount of pics! Solid product if you're not searching for that Autographed card.

      Ken Griffey Jr.

      Raiders and Dolphins from 2012-2020
      A's and Reds from 2012-2020


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        Nice review. The cards are very colorful and that Martin Sheet card looks sweet.


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          It looks better than past years I love the Sr. ticket! Great Review!


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            Love the Winning Ticket insert set also. And sick MM Sheetmetal! Part of the Coors Light decal?

            Collecting: Browns/Cavaliers/Indians GU/Autos,
            Ohio State Autos, Jamaal Charles GU/Autos,


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              Really nice review of a great product! COngrats!
              I will trade or buy for needed Brad Keselowski items.


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                Originally posted by jsab4807 View Post
                ....And sick MM Sheetmetal! Part of the Coors Light decal?
                I've been trying to figure where the decal came from......not sure...really a mystery!
                United States Air Force, Retired

                Freedom Is Not Free

                From the time of discovery and for the
                balance of life, an individual diagnosed
                with cancer IS a Survivor!

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                  It could possibly be the bottom part of the T in Carquest? See the (R) trademark logo on both?


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                    Yeppers....gotta agree with HAS to be the Coors Light "t".!!!!
                    United States Air Force, Retired

                    Freedom Is Not Free

                    From the time of discovery and for the
                    balance of life, an individual diagnosed
                    with cancer IS a Survivor!

                    Thank You GOD...I am a Survivor!


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                      Nice review - very colorful cards.

                      The main items Im looking to trade for are
                      Baseball HOFers Autos I need
                      Orioles Autos I need
                      Baseball HOFers GU I need
                      Orioles GU I need
                      Vintage Orioles I need 1950s through 1970
                      However other offers will be considered


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                        You may be right, Jeremy.
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                          nice review racing is helping the hobby and the products have really improved liked the blue parallel and the trading paint.

                          I live about an hour from talladega!!

                          tx bob
                          UD Baseball MASTER SET Collector!! I need 1 copy of every BB card UD made. My want list is far from complete. LMK what you have & what you want


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                            Nice card design, decent inserts.. Good review.
                            Looking for Auto's & G/u of NY Mets, NY Giants, HOFers, Old time players, 8x10 Photos & Celebrity Auto's


                            I am currently Supercollecting the following players,

                            Mike Piazza, Jose Reyes, David Wright
                            Drew Bledsoe, Curtis Martin, Eli Manning, Tiki Barber, Brandon Jacobs, Odell Beckham Jr. New PC item - any card #ed 4/25