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2011 Topps Attax Baseball Game

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  • 2011 Topps Attax Baseball Game

    2011 Topps ATTAX

    Topps allowed Card Collectors World to do a review on the Topps ATTAX Baseball Game Starter Box and one (1) box of the Retail 24 Packs Box.

    Topps was very careful this year to make sure the packaging communicates that ATTAX is a game.

    However, when you see some of the cards that are included in this years ATTAX, you will understand why numerous cards from this “game” are fastly becoming collector items!

    Starter Box
    - The Starter Box contains two (2) thirty card ready-to-play decks.
    - Two ATTAX deck storage boxes for kids to carry, store and protect their cards
    - One deluxe play mat (redesigned this year!)
    - Game Rules
    NOTE: The ready-to-play decks are balanced to make the game fun for both players. Each Starter Box contains the same cards.

    Here is what the Game Mat looks like:

    New “Major League” Game-Play and Rules
    - New baseball action including base hits, base running, stealing and fielding in addition to pitching and home runs!
    - Major League Baseball Mascot cards!
    - Ballpark cards, setting the stage for the new game!
    - New card design and easy-to-understand icons, keeping the game simple yet challenging enough to play again and again!

    Quick-Play Home Run Derby Game Rules
    - Great for kids who like a quick simple game with simple hitter vs. pitcher interaction and scoring!
    - Ideal for younger kids playing with parents or friends!

    Now, since this was a game, that is directed more to the younger generation, Card Collectors World thought it would be a great idea to let my two step-sons do a video break. The link to that video break is below.

    Some of the players the boys found in their “ready-to-play decks” include: Pujols, Posey, Victorino, Yankee Stadium, A-Rod, Granderson, Heyward, Teixeira, Orioles Mascot and Nationals Park, but the cards that got the most attention were the Stadium and Mascot cards along with two Hall Of Famers that were unexpected pulls!

    Each batter’s card has hitting powers listed as well as a single, double, triple or home run, while the pitcher’s list their ratings for fastballs, change-ups, and specialty pitches. (For a complete set of rules and how to play the game visit

    The breakdown of the cards is as follows (there is a total of 258 cards):

    Players - 206 cards
    Mascots - 25 cards
    Ball Parks - 27 cards

    On the players the cards are listed alphabetically by FIRST name, so the cards are listed from Adam Dunn to Zack Greinke.

    What were the HITS found in our Starter Box and the Retail Box?

    Roy Hallady TT-5 Redemption Code. This allows the holder to go online and enter the special code to get free digital cards and “unlock a world of sports, games, collecting, trading and fun.”

    Plain Cards (Non-Foil)

    Players - Just an assortment.

    Mascot - Orioles, Dinger, Bernie Brewer, Screech, Billy The Marlin, Athletics Mascot, Pirate Parrot, Junction Jack

    Ball Parks - Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Target Field, Nationals Park, Rogers Centre, Yankee Stadium, PNC Park, Citizens Bank Park, Kaufmann Stadium, Citi Field, Minute Maid Park

    Foil Cards

    Players - Scott Rolen (Reds), Paul Konerko (White Sox), Carlos Quentin (White Sox), Albert Pujols (Cardinals), Placido Polanco (Twins), Adrian Gonzalez (Red Sox), Jonathan Papelbon (Red Sox), Josh Willingham (Athletics), Denard Span (Twins), Derek Jeter (Yankees), Jason Heyward (Braves), Dan Uggla (Braves), Tim Hudson (Braves), Ike Davis (Mets), John Danks (White Sox), Mariano Rivera (Yankees), Delmon Young (Twins)

    Mascots - Wally The Green Monster, Mariner Moose, TC

    Ball Parks - Miller Park, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Tropicana Field

    Hall of Fame Players
    Mickey Mantle (Home Run Card)
    Babe Ruth (Home Run Card)

    NOTE: The Foil Cards are just that. You do not get an extra base hit, or a strike out if you use/play a Foil Card.

    The boys enjoyed the box break, but once the camera was off them that’s when they started to really enjoy the cards. Each one pulling out his favorite player, mascot and stadium cards.

    Remember: This is a GAME. This is not the typical box you would purchase and break for the PC. There ARE PC items to be found. The Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth cards will be sought after by those collectors.


    Value = 4
    Innovation = 5
    Fun and Experience = 4
    Rebuy Value = n/a
    Purchase Extra Packs = 4


    I would like to thank Topps and CCW for allow me to do this review.

    Support the sponsors that support Card Collectors World.

    There is no NPN for this product.
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    I have always thought card games like this that involves professional sports were really cool. I love the look of those mascot cards. The Hall of Fame cards using past Topps card designs are a nice touch.


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      May sound strange...but the boys are looking at putting together a complete set of the Mascots, non-foiled and foiled.

      As far as the HOF cards.....I am trying my best to get the Mantle and Ruth from the boys for MY PC!.
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      Freedom Is Not Free

      From the time of discovery and for the
      balance of life, an individual diagnosed
      with cancer IS a Survivor!

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        Great review.... I think this is a great product for the kids... a good way to get some youngens started in the hobby


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          Awesome review bro and it was very cool to watch the young ones bust it open!
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            nice review!


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              fantastice review. Kudos to Topps for getting the youth back involved with a game set up.It should draw them to the product! How exciting!

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                I love the fact that they are trying to get and keep the younger audience involved in sports and collecting. A game like this I think involves more strategy and logical thinking. This brings back memories of Stratomatic baseball. For those of you who never heard of it, it was a dice rolling game where you had player cards with results on the back of the cards for each dice combination. It was kind of cool. My brothers and I had leagues set up with it.

                This is a pretty cool thing for the young ones for sure.

                And honestly I would love to get some of the Sox cards out of this product.

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                  I remember playing that for hours with my friends schwood lol, my kid takes all the attax cards i will get HER!! yes my daughter loves them too lol.


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                    I may throw a few sets of this together for my little cousins... nice stuff for them

                    great review as well


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                      Awesome for the kiddies nicely done Topps
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                        Awesome review and great concept. May pick some of these up for my little cousin.

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                          It's good to see stuff that's geared toward kids.

                          Thanks Topps!
                          - Dave

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                            very nice review lots of info!
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                              nice review of a cool game

                              my photobucket is my collection. some will be easier to trade than others, so don't be offended if I turn down a trade offer I don't like
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