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2011 Press Pass Stealth Sponsored Box Break Video

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  • 2011 Press Pass Stealth Sponsored Box Break Video

    This is one of 2 Stealth Boxes that Press Pass sent Card Collectors World to review. Below is the video break for the first box. Be on the lookout for upcoming contests with the contents from this box.

    The written product review for the second box will be up shortly.

    I would like to thank Press Pass along with Card Collectors World for giving me the chance to review this new product.

    Support the sponsors that support Card Collectors World.

    my photobucket is my collection. some will be easier to trade than others, so don't be offended if I turn down a trade offer I don't like
    I collect hof au's/gu's,rcs and select lions/bears/vikings/twins/cubs for friends

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    Awesome JMac Military Inscriptions!

    Collecting: Browns/Cavaliers/Indians GU/Autos,
    Ohio State Autos, Jamaal Charles GU/Autos,


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      Wow that is a great auto hit you pulled. Congrats!


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        Awesome auto and nice break video as well


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          Nice review!

          - Dave

          I collect Calvin, Barry, 1 auto each of rookie Lions that make the team & HOF auto & GU.


          Updated 3/25/2016


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            Nice review! That Auto is nice
            Click banner for tradelist

            Dan LeFevour PC 193/283


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              Football guys...what do you know about racing?

              ..........Good box break Tim!

              The Metal of Honor cards are sweet......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              United States Air Force, Retired

              Freedom Is Not Free

              From the time of discovery and for the
              balance of life, an individual diagnosed
              with cancer IS a Survivor!

              Thank You GOD...I am a Survivor!


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                That Jamie Mac is sweet.

                Collecting Ken Dilger, Indiana Hoosiers autos, and Indianapolis Colts Rookies
                Colts Rookie Collection: 408 Different Players
                Ken Dilger Collection: 261/445 (58.6%)

                Colts Rookie Collection
                Ken Dilger Collection


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                  Gotta Love when stick and ball guys do a Break lol,Awsome review SWEET JAMIE MACDADDY WHOOOOOOOL
                  Collecting CLEVELAND BROWNS,BRUINS,nascar
                  Collecting Cleveland Browns.


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                    great review Mr Fuser


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                      Nice review Tim and great looking cards.
                      Still collecting Frank Thomas in any uni and HoFer G/U & Auto's.

                      I do not trade nor buy at "eBay values", unless a card is so rare that it is unlisted.


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                        Very cool cards bud, and awesome video break!

                        Collecting any Boston Sports (base,insert,GU,Auto) All Teams (Red Sox,Celtics,Patriots,Bruins)
                        Also collect UNH Football/Hockey cards
                        Also now collecting any cards including all dupes of all the following :
                        MLB : Brian Wilson (Giants, Dodgers), Chris Carpenter (Blue Jays, Cardinals), Sam Fuld (Rays), Mike Flanagan (Orioles, Blue Jays), Phil Plantier (Padres, Red Sox), Jeff Locke (Pirates)
                        NFL : Kendall Reyes (Chargers), Greg Landry (Lions), David Ball (Bears), Jerry Azumah (Bears), Dwayne Sabb (Patriots), Dan Kreider (Steelers), Ricky Santos (no pro cards)
                        NBA : Matt Bonner (Spurs)
                        NHL : Steve Leach, James VanRiemsDyk, Jason Krog, Eric Boguniecki, Andy Brickley, Ty Conklin, Kevin Dean, Rod Langway, Bryan Muir, Daniel Winnik
                        I unfortunately can no longer afford to trade outside the US. Even rates to Canada are way too high now!


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                          nice review, the auto is sick


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                            Those are some great hits! Press Pass always comes out with some nice looking inserts
                            Bucket l Los Angeles Inspiration l Tradelist
                            Collecting GU/Patches/Autos:
                            Dodgers, UCLA, Mexico, Adrian Gonzalez, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant,
                            Joe Johnson, Toney Douglas, Tony Gonzalez, Matt Ryan


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                              Great review and nice cards.