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2012 Tristar TNA Impact Wrestling Reflexxions

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  • 2012 Tristar TNA Impact Wrestling Reflexxions

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    Nice review Kerwin! I like the cards.. Pretty cool design anything with Hogan has my stamp of approval..
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      Not a wrestling guy, but cool cards. Nice review!

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        Nice pull on the quad!
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          great review really like the mat auto cards

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            that Sorensen card might be worth a little more now that hes almost just about broke his neck at the last TNA PPV


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              Sweet quad!

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              Ohio State Autos, Jamaal Charles GU/Autos,


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                Great review, awesome looking set.


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                  nice review


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                    Always like to see the new TNA products. They are good cards. Actualy usually like them better than the WWE design.
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                      Nice review. Thanks.
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                        Also not a huge wrestling collector....but I do have a few wrestling favorites in the collection.

                        Nice review, "ok" looking cards....

                        Are the boxes numbered too??...never seen that before. ......interesting.
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                          I actually kind of like these better than WWE's product this year. Cool cards. A nice pull with that quad relic.
                          my bucket (always being updated):

                          Jacksonville Jaguars Spreadsheet

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                          so I'm always on the lookout if you want to work out a trade.


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                            Nice Review....
                            Good pull on the quad


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                              They look OK, not super great, but something a bit different from Tristar.