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2010 Press Pass 8 Seconds PBR

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  • 2010 Press Pass 8 Seconds PBR

    2010 Press Pass 8 Seconds

    Configuration: 24 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

    - 3 On-Card Autographs
    - 3 Rider-Worn Memorabilia Cards!


    - 8 SECOND SIGNATURES - THREE Authentic On-Card Autographs including current and retired riders and bullfighters!

    - RIDER RELICS - THREE Authentic Rider-Worn Memorabilia Cards featuring gloves, shirts, jeans, cowboy hats and rider used gloves and bull ropes. Look for Bullfighter-Worn Memorabilia!

    - 100-CARD BASE SET

    About the PBR
    - Founded in 1992 when the top-20 riders broke away from rodeo and invested $1000 each
    - Man vs. Beast in adrenaline packed two hour events, eight seconds at a time.
    - Season long competition culminating in Las Vegas at the PBR World Finals.
    - Events wrapped in a rock concert environment with pyrotechnics, pulsating music and edge of your seat action.

    About the Fans
    - 21,000,000 fans
    - 98.9% growth since 2002
    - of the fastest growing sports properties in history
    - Per-performance attendance up 17.6% in 2009!

    Here's what I pulled in our box of 2010 Press Pass 8 Seconds.

    100/100 w/4 Dupes

    Riders (Cards 1 through 40)

    Entertainers (Card #41)

    Bull Fighters (Cards 42 through 45

    The Bulls (Cards 46 through 74

    Luck of the Draw (Cards 75 through 85)

    The Short Go (Cards 86 through 100)


    Belt Buckle Inserts (Pulled 3)
    -Chris Shivers, Justin McBride & Troy Dunn

    Spur Crazy Inserts (Pulled 4)
    -Cody Lambert, Brian Canter, Kody Lostroh and JB Mauney

    Black Autographs (Pulled 1)
    -Zack Brown

    Blue Autographs (Pulled 1)
    -Luke Snyder (#10/75)

    Red Autographs (Pulled 1)
    -Michael Gaffney (#20/25)

    Rider Relics (pulled 3)
    -Matt Bohon (Shirt : 58/99)
    -Kody Lostroh (Shirt : 34/50)
    -JB Mauney (Jeans : 6/50)

    Final Thoughts on 2010 Press Pass 8 Seconds;
    I never though in my 20+ years of collecting that I would ever open a box of cards that contained bull riders, bulls and such, but thanks to Press Pass, I have.

    Overall thought, I have to admit, I had fun opening this product. The photography used in this set was done very well. Nice Full color shots of the rider and the bulls all printed on the basic card stock. The whole base set, with the exception of the bulls, seem to be perfect for ttm autos if a sharpie is used (if not the autos will bubble).
    Speaking of autos, it was very nice to see ON CARD autographs… something that is rare since the invention of the sticker auto. There seem to be 3 tiers to the autographs.. Black which are unnumbered, Blue which are numbered to 75 and reds which are numbered to 25. There are also many different relics. As you can see we pulled shirts and jeans. There are also used ropes, dual relics and I have even heard of patch-like cards being pulled. Unfortunately, I cannot find the pack odds or other info on them.

    Nothing about this set needs to change. Usually you get a complete base set with 1 box, you get 3 nice autos AND 3 nice relics. The one suggestion I would suggest to press pass is the packs. Add more info to the set on them. Let the consumer know if there are parallels to the relic sets and such. Other then this, the product is perfect.

    Here's how I would rate this product;
    • Value = 4
    • Innovation = 4
    • Fun and Experience = 5
    • Rebuy Value = 3

    I rate this product an "B" for Press Pass

    NPN Information;
    NPN : PRB 2010
    9115 Harris Corners Parkway
    Suite 200
    Charlotte, NC 28269

    Limit : 1 per household
    Postmarked by April 12, 2010
    Skill Question : 50+(2x4)-10 = ?

    I would like to thank Kirsten at Press Pass and CCW for giving me the chance to review this new product

    Support the sponsors that support CCW.
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    While bull riding cards are definitley a niche product, Press Pass did a ridiculously amazing job on this set. It's such a well produced set that I'd be shocked if it didn't get people who don't follow the PBR to buy some of this. A great price with great odds per box.

    Great job, Press Pass! Another amazing looking product!

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      Yeah I was surprised to see a set like this to come out. Even more surprised when I found myself reading the cards and having a blast opening this product. I even learned something from this set.. I never wanna ride the bull pictured above (Code Blue)...Rode 14 times and bucked off every rider in 4 seconds or less. And anything that weighs 1400 pounds I wanna remain friends with lol
      Isaiah 40:31 : But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

      Check out my TTM Auto SASE breaks now on YouTube


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        very cool cards. thanks for the review.
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          Design is awesome! Thanks PP!
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            Gotta love that Flint Rasmussen card!! Press Pass out did themselves this time with the photography. It's the best I've ever seen in their products. I would give the product an A+ for Awesome.



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              Very nice review Butch. Another great innovative product by Press Pass to give collectors a closer look at the sport of bull riding.


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                Have to give Press Pass props on the photography they look awesome.

                I sure wouldn't want the Bull called "Code Blue" mad at me either lol

                Great review Butch
                Still collecting Frank Thomas in any uni and HoFer G/U & Auto's.

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                  nice review
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                    This is seriously one of my favorite products we've done. I had never been to a PBR event before and was fortunate enough to get to go to the World Finals last year in Vegas. What an atmosphere and event. There is absolutely no down time in the event and I will be a fan of PBR forever now! If you have never been to an event, you should try and get to one!