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2009 Press Pass Premium Racing

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  • 2009 Press Pass Premium Racing

    2009 Press Pass Premium Racing

    Press Pass Premium is back again this year with an exciting new design to get racing collectors revved up for the 2009 Nascar season.

    Set Features:

    Each box includes 20 packs of 5 cards. The product is comprised of a 90 cards tiered set. Each box contains 1 autographed card and 1 race used card. Set tiers and inserts include:

    Base Tiers

    · Contenders (#'s 1-35)

    · Machines (#'s 36-50)

    · Speedweeks (#'s 51-55)

    · Media Days (#'s 56-60)

    · Driven (#'s 61-72)

    · Starting Grid (#'s 73-70)

    · Finish Line (#'s 81-87) 1:6 packs

    · Rookie Debut (#'s 88-90) 1:20 packs


    · Hot Threads Memoribilia (#'d to 325 or less) 1:20 packs

    · Hot Threads Signature Series (#'d to driver's #)

    · Hot Threads Patches (#'d to 10 or less)

    · Four Wide (hobby only)


    · Premium Signatures 1:20 packs

    · Premium Signatures Gold (#'d to 25)


    · Win Streak 1:4 packs

    · Win Streak Victory Lane 1:90 packs

    · Top Contenders 1:10 packs

    · 2009 Daytona 500 Winner 1:40 packs

    Here's what was included in the 2009 Press Pass Premium Racing Break:

    Base Cards:

    The base set contains 8 different tiers, each with different designs. The Contenders tier feature a shot of the each driver seated in driver suit holding their helmet. Each card also features a checkered floor that color schemes with the driver's uniform. The Machines tier features an action shot of each driver's car being serviced in the pit area. The Speedweeks tier highlights the varuous events that took place during Daytona Speedweeks such as the Duel races and Pole qualifying. The Media Days tier showcases drivers as they make media or fan appearances. The Driven tier features a picture of the driver upclose along with a picture of the driver featured inside of the car. The Starting Grid tier features an up close shot of the driver along with the drivers car in line during the start of the race. The Finish Line tier showcases the driver crossing the finish line in their car at the end of the race. And finally, the Rookie Debut tier features 2009 rookies crop of Marcos Ambrose, Scott Speed, and Joey Logano. The Rookie Debut cards feature the same layout as the Contenders tier. All cards are done on a solid, glossy card stock.


    Each different insert card features a different layout to identify which insert set the cards are from. Win Streak inserts have a background that are schemed after the drivers team colors and features both a shot of the driver and their car. Win Streak Victory Lane inserts is a contest that gives collectors a chance at an exclusive autograph of the featured driver. On the back of each card, there is a scratch of area where a race is listed and if your driver wins that race, you win their autograph. Top Contenders inserts look to be somewhat a parallel of the Contenders base set, only these feature a colored background and only the top Chase contenders were included. The 2009 Daytona 500 Winner insert features Daytona 500 winner Matt Kenseth as he celebrates his big victory.


    Each autographed card features a shot of the featured driver with their car number and name on the front with the autograph positioned underneath the driver. The autograph we pulled was a Robby Gordon hologold #'d to 25 (#7 on top of that - his car #). The design of these cards are sharp as they allow the autograph to really stand out.


    The memoribilia card we pulled was a Jamie McMurray Firesuit card #'d to 99. The Memoribilia cards have a similar design to the autographs, with the race used piece underneath the driver.

    Final Thoughts on 2009 Press Pass Premium Racing:

    Press pass did not disappoint me with this product. I love the idea of putting different tier levels in a base set as it gives a variety of different cards to look for for the driver collectors and the set builders a fun adventure at getting the shorter prints. All the card designs are eye appealing and I like the uniform look of the autographs and race used.

    Here's how I would rate this product:
    • Value = 5
    • Innovation = 4.5
    • Fun and Experience = 5
    • Rebuy Value = 4.5

    I rate this product an "A" for Press Pass!

    I would like to thank Kirsten & Press Pass for giving me the chance to review this new product.

    NPN Information

    NPN 2009 Press Pass Premium
    9115 Harris Corners Parkway, Suite 200
    Charlotte, NC 28269

    NPN Expired

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    Nice break!
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      Very nice cards.


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        Solid break....nice Gordon hit, being to his car #!

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        Ohio State Autos, Jamaal Charles GU/Autos,


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          good stuff! too bad it wasnt the other gordon LOL


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            very nice!~
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              PP never disappoints with racing. nice break and great review!

              Thumbs up to PressPass once again
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                Nice looking cards.
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