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Tristar TNA 2010: The New Era

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  • Tristar TNA 2010: The New Era

    TNA 2010: The New Era
    Configuration: 6 cards per pack. 20 packs per box.

    TRISTAR presents their newest edition of TNA wrestling cards. TNA 2010: The New Era introduces the TNA debut cards of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Rob Van Dam, and more. The 90 card base set showcases a lineup of wrestling legends, future stars, and TNA storyline highlights.

    - 6 Guaranteed Hits Per Box
    - 2 Autographed Cards: Numbered to 50, 25, 5, or 1
    - 1 TNA Event Used Memorabilia Card: Numbered to 199, 50, 25, or 1
    - 2 Exclusive Obak Cards: Vintage Look Cards of TNA Legends
    - 1 Parallel Card: Numbered to 30, 10, or 1

    TNA 2010: The New Era is filled with a variety of great looking photography capturing momentous debuts, wrestling highlights, and TNA history. With every new release, TRISTAR improves their TNA product and gives collectors something new and innovative. The box is serial numbered 677/2400.

    Here is what I pulled:

    Base Set

    All cards have a glossy finish to it. The TRISTAR logo is on the bottom right and the TNA The New Era name is on the top left of each card. The background of the card is brick red with silver and yellow lines bordering the photo. The name of the wrestler is in white on the bottom right corner of the card. The back of the cards have a brief wrestling description of the wrestler featured.

    Parallel Cards

    1 Pulled - Hulk Hogan #/d 30

    The parallel cards depict the base cards with a silver 2010 logo on the top right side of the card. The card is serial numbered on the back of the card in silver font.

    Obak Cards

    2 Pulled - Hogan & Flair #/d 600 & Sting #/d 600

    The Obak cards feature a vintage look from some of the best TNA wrestlers. The card has a white background with black borders around the photo. The title TRISTAR Obak is on the top left corner of the card. The name of the wrestler featured and the word TNA Wrestling is in black font.

    Event Used Memorabilia Card

    1 Pulled - James Storm/Robert Roode #/d 25

    Dual event used memorabilia card of Beer Money. The photo is split in half to show both wrestlers featured on the card. There are red borders separating each wrestler with their names in red font. The card is serial numbered on the back of the card in red font.

    Autographed Cards

    2 Pulled - Dixie Carter #/d 50 & Alex Shelley #/d 50

    The autographs are stickered and placed on the middle left side of the card. Surrounding the autograph are silver borders and gold glittering. The right side of the card has a photo of the wrestler featured. The card is serial numbered on the back of the card in gold font.

    Final Thoughts

    Each year TRISTAR has improved their TNA card releases. The base cards look smooth and have some great photography. The Obak cards have a nice vintage look to it, making the wrestlers featured seem more historical. I got some duplicate cards in this box, along with 13 different Hulk Hogan cards. Being a huge wrestling fan, I really enjoyed this product. This product is affordable for wrestling fans of all ages. Plus you are guaranteed 6 hits per box, with at least 1 Event Worn Used Memorabilia and 2 Autographed Cards.

    Here is how I would rate this product:

    Value = 4
    Innovation = 5
    Fun and Experience = 5
    Rebuy Value = 4

    I rate this product an A- for TRISTAR!


    There is no NPN for this product

    I would like to thank TRISTAR & Card Collectors World for giving me the chance to review this new product.

    Please support the sponsors that support Card Collectors World!

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    Wow, these cards are very nice! I'm really liking the look of the New Era Autographs. And I think my favorite part of the whole product is the base cards. Great review!

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      very the look of the cards...saw blasters going for $19.95 and guarantee 1 auto per blaster, gonna have to get some
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        Looks like a lot of fun cards, especially the ones with the older wrestlers!


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          Excellent Review, I love the Dual GU and the Auto design is great, also I love how they got cards of Hardy/RVD so quickly


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            This is easily their best auto design IMO.

            Dont forget, the retail autos arent numbered!

            Tough to pull the trigger on 20 a pop when most autos wont get you half that back.
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              Originally posted by HockeyMom2009 View Post
              Looks like a lot of fun cards, especially the ones with the older wrestlers!

              Hulk and Flair more like ancient

              But I do love the way they look..
              Still collecting Frank Thomas in any uni and HoFer G/U & Auto's.

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                Very nice looking set. These reviews always make me wanna go out and get a box


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                  They are really raising the bar when it comes to wrestling cards! Great looking set!

                  I'm easy to trade with.Don't be afraid to make offers.
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                    Very nice, clean looking set. Can't go wrong with Hulk hogan either!
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                      Nice looking product. I especialy like the look of the autographs!

                      Way to go Tristar!
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                        Nice product.....thanks for the entry to the contest as well.


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                          I like the auto cards. They look very clean and I like the design/colors.
                          and my personal auto collection
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                            nice design!!


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                              Great product. It's good to see some of the "old time" wrestlers on the cover. Brings back memories of my childhood.