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2010 Press Pass Stealth

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  • 2010 Press Pass Stealth

    2010 Press Pass Stealth

    Configuration: 24 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

    Key components of this release include:

    - Danica Patrick's first Race-Used Sheet Metal cards and On-Card Autographs. (She returns to NASCAR for the New Hampshire race on June 26.)
    - 1 Autograph and 1 Memorabilia card per box.
    - Each 10-box Hobby Case also includes either a Four Wide or a Signature Series Sheet Metal card!
    - Weekend Warriors - Dual Sprint Cup and Nationwide series Sheet Metal Cards for the top Cup drivers
    - Battle Armor Race-Used Sheet Metal cards
    - Press Pass Signings - exclusive to 2010 Press Pass Stealth. Three versions to collect - all numbered to 99 or less!


    - Memorabilia: Battle Armor, Weekend Warriors and Four Wide...1:24
    - Battle Armor Signature Series - Special Version with Authentic Autographs of Top Nascar Drivers. Cards #'d To 20 Or Less.
    - Press Pass Signings - A Comprehensive Autograph Program Featuring Three Levels of Autographs all #'d To 99 Or Less.
    - Collect all 90 Base Cards - Collector Favorite!

    The release of Stealth is awesome! I have to say that I never busted a box half as good as this one. I will admit that my scans are not top quality, but I have always had problems with Holographic Foil Board cards and they always seem to turn pink on me.

    With that said, here's what we got.

    Base & Sub-sets -

    I pulled 85 of the 90 cards with no duplicates. The Base Parallel is Black and White inserted 1:1

    NSCS Drivers #1 - 36

    These are the portraits of the NSCS drivers. A very nice clean design with all the cards printed on Holographic Foil Board.

    NNS Drivers #37 - 50

    Each cards tells a little of the bio of the NNS drivers.

    Maximum Velocity #51 - 59

    These cards feature a short review of what each driver brings to the track in mental toughness and the way that they handle their cars. I did find it interesting that "Believe it or not, a slick paint job can shave precious milliseconds off the stop watch." This came from the back of card #51 - Jeff Gordon.

    Dual Operator #60 - 69

    I like this sub-set! This one is about the drivers that compete in both NSCS and NNS. On the front of the cards the pictures of the drivers in their different firesuits and on the back is pictures of both of the cars that they use.

    Command Preformance #70 - 81

    This sub-set points out what each driver did in the NNS and what they did in the NSCS. Things like "Jeff Burton is one of only 5 drivers to have posted 20 or more victories in both the NSCS and NNS."

    Under the Radar #82 - 90

    This sub-set features the young drivers that are ready to make their presence known in NSCS today.

    Insert Sets

    Question - What can you do with a decoy card?
    Answer - Make them Redeemable.

    This year Press Pass is inserting Redemption point cards into packs of Stealth and Main Event. Visit for more information.

    Hall of Fame - 1:24

    With the opening of the Hall of Fame this year, Press Pass included some of the memories of what it took to get NASCAR to where it is today. I selected the card showing the first race at Talladega.

    We beat the 1:24 odds and got 2 of them.

    Mach 10 - 1:6

    These cards have a very nice design with the driver and car.

    We pulled 4 of them - M. Kenseth, AJ Allmendinger, C. Edwards & Juan Pablo Montoya.

    Power Players - 1:6

    An attractive die-cut set that makes a statement without all the flash. I really like the gray background and it makes the drivers standout more.

    We pulled 4 - C. Bowyer, D. Patrick, M. Martin & Kurt Busch.

    Battle Armor - 1:24

    Now I've seen a lot of great looking race-used cards in the past, but this one has pieces of black rubber sticking on the sheet metal. I'm afraid to touch it because it might come off.

    Press Pass Signings - no odds, but 1 Auto per box

    WOW! Brad Keselowski #10/10!! Can it get any better?

    Final thoughts -

    This is really a great product release. I know that the racing fans were waiting and saving their money for it. I like the Holographic Foil Board even though it's hard to take pics of or to scan.

    The Hall of Fame series is outstanding. It just puts you on edge waiting for the release of Press Pass Legends Racing this year.

    I love the Black & White Parallel set. I just seems to me that black & white captures the essence of the subject better.

    The die-cut Power Players is a eye pleasing set. I would like to get the entire set of them.

    Favorite card.............tough choice. I really really like the Battle Armor with the pieces of rubber on it, but I always will go for the low numbered Auto.

    Here's how I would rate this product:

    Value = 5
    Innovation = 5
    Fun and Experience = 5
    Rebuy Value = 5

    I rate this product an "A+" for Press Pass!

    I would like to thank Press Pass and CCW for giving me the chance to review this new product.

    Support the sponsors that support CCW

    NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open only to U.S/Canadian (except Quebec) residents. For a chance to obtain any of the insert cards listed above, at the same odds, while supplies last, hand print your name and complete address, including your email address, on a 3 X 5 card and mail in a #10 envelope to: NPN PRESS PASS STEALTH 2010, 9115 Harris Corners Parkway, Suite 200, Charlotte NC 28269. Only one card per envelope mailed separately postmarked by August 30, 2010 and received by Septenber 13, 2010. No metered mail. Limit 1 request per household for Press Pass Premium 2010. Failure to comply will result in your entry being disqualified. Drawings on or about September 13, 2010. Only persons selected will be notified. Potential Canadian winners will be required to first correctly answer a mathematical skill-testing question. Include on a 3 X 5 card the answer to the following skill-test question: 50 + (2X4) - 10 = ?
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    Nice review Dan. I always liked holographic type cards. There are some really good hits in this box. The Battle Armor card is my favorite. Very very nice pull on the auto!


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      Great review on a great product!

      The batlle armor is fantastic...and the K-ski! one box? Congrats!

      .....but I don't understand....I busted two boxes and didn't pull any "PINK" cards...
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        Originally posted by ranbethscards View Post
        but I don't understand....I busted two boxes and didn't pull any "PINK" cards...
        That's strange coming from the only mod with a PINK badge.



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          Great review, base set looks sweet and the Ambrose is nasty


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            I LOVE the Keselowski! Great box buddy!
            I will trade or buy for needed Brad Keselowski items.


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              nice break dan, great looking set. really like the sheetmetal card

              my photobucket is my collection. some will be easier to trade than others, so don't be offended if I turn down a trade offer I don't like
              I collect hof au's/gu's,rcs and select lions/bears/vikings/twins/cubs for friends