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    I'm new to this forum, but I have something that I need answers to.

    I want to know more about the sticker autographs. Its come to my attention that players/celebrities w/sticker autos, actually get sheets and send them in at their own convenience. I've always noticed the front of cards with "Topps Certified Autograph Issue". I never really paid attention to the back, which Topps prints "The signing of all Topps autograph cards is witnessed by Topps representatives to guarantee authenticity".

    I've seen photos of these sheets of stickers. These photos are from a messy desk.

    I have so many issues with these on cards. Growing up, I'll never forget asking Rickey to sign my 1980 Topps card of his own. Then being told as a teenager that I de-valued my card. Even as a teen, it made no sense. This card probably has some trace DNA of Rickey. I spoke to him, He touched the item. Then we fast forward 25 years and I start to get back into the hobby, only to see that autographed cards are THE BEST.

    They are really cool. The on card autographs of todays beautiful cards are really something. And they should be more valuable, the player actually signed the card, right? Now I don't know how the whole sticker thing came into the industry, I have no idea. Hence why I am writing this.

    This seems like a way for the card companies to saturate the market, and we all know how that worked out for our 1980's cards. Now with the 2018 Topps Chrome Update, I have just about had it. Thanks to this sites great work, I was able to figure out that there are four cards with on-card autographs. Here they are:

    RA-KM Kyle Martin - Boston Red Sox
    RA-JM Juan Minaya - Chicago White Sox
    RA-TD Tyler Danish - Boston Red Sox
    RA-TT Travis Taijeron - Los Angeles Dodgers

    Kyle Martin was released by Boston in July. Travis Taijeron did not play all-season, same for Kyle Martin (although Kudos to him for going over to Japan after his release) and Danish pitched 6 1/3 innings during a quick mid-summer call up. The one I actually pulled was of Juan Minaya, who technically deserved to have a Rookie Card printed...IN MARCH!!! My point is this set is horrific. There's no continuity, is this normal? I know that they do it with Bowman Paper vs Bowman Chrome, but at least its expected.

    Think about any other collectible. Would you pay a premium to have a ticket stub from the night Wilt dropped 100, ON A STICKER??? How about an 8 x 11 of Marilyn Monroe, with a sticker auto. Or a baseball signed by Kris Bryant, WITH A STICKER ON IT!!!

    Again I'm new to this forum, and I couldn't find information regarding this, but its a topic that I'd like to open for discussion.