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2014 Topps CHIPZ...Need Mets

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  • 2014 Topps CHIPZ...Need Mets

    I only have 3 Mets chipz (d'Arnaud base, Wright yellow magnet, wheeler magnet). Looking for a bunch. Have these FT:
    Base- Bautista, harper, RHoward++, kinsler, mccutchen, miller, MMoore++, myers, price, reyes, sabathia, sandoval, stanton, strasburg, JUpton, wacha, wainright
    Blue- altuve, fielder, howard, molina
    BLUE(gold)- Lee, McCutchen
    Black- segura
    Black Magnet- pedroia
    Gold- altuve, brown, corbin, craig, kinsler, scutaro
    RED(gold)- Bumgarner, Encarnacion
    Red Magnet(gold)- CDavis
    Glow-in-dark- sabathia RED(g-i-d)- howard
    Magnet- altuve, beltre, craig, davis, latos, peavy, reyes
    RED(magnet)- longoria

    Lots of different variations. Have tons of 2014's base/inserts/parallels to trade too. Thanks...lmk.
    My Priority Mets Wantlist:
    My Tradebait (other tradebait at top of page at tabs):
    I do not do Buckets. If you do(not updated):
    CMB will be ignored...sorry!