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  • Kyle Lewis any set

    Looking for Kyle Lewis cards, sticker or on card auto

    have plenty of bowman chrome and Prizm for trade

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    Welcome to Cardboard Connection. Are you just looking for autos of Kyle Lewis?


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      Thank you! 🙂
      no, I am looking for ANY Kyle Lewis cards (sorry if I wasn’t very specific) I have mostly Prizm and bowman chrome of Kyle Lewis . just got a topps chrome in the mail today.


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        Originally posted by bmattioli86 View Post
        Thank you! 🙂
        no, I am looking for ANY Kyle Lewis cards (sorry if I wasn’t very specific) I have mostly Prizm and bowman chrome of Kyle Lewis . just got a topps chrome in the mail today.
        I have these:

        2020 Topps #64
        2020 Topps #U-21
        2020 Topps Opening Day #17
        2020 Bowman #78
        2020 Donruss #56 Rated Rookie
        2020 Gypsy Queen #226

        I'm interested in Acuna and Trout cards for baseball and in football 2020 cards of Tom Brady, Tua, Burrows and Herbert. Also Nick Chubb and Baker Mayfield of the Browns.

        Thank you.


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          i have these if of interest:

          Justin Herbert base #7
          Jalen Hurts base #11
          Clyde Edwards-Helaire base #15

          Tom Brady base #135
          Baker Mayfield HYPER PINK #52 Prizm

          Panini Prizm "Machines" Insert Acuna Jr. #M-3
          Panini Prizm "Star Gazing" Disco insert #'d 150/199 #SG-3
          Bowman Chrome Mike Trout base #1
          Topps Update Series Mike Trout #U-292

          I do have a nice Panini Prizm Cosmic Haze Mike Trout #196 that i included a photo of but i might send that off to get graded eventually. Also have been PC'ing Nick Chubb but can let go a few if needed.


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            Thanks for the reply.

            I can use the Illusions #7 and #11.
            Mosaic Brady #135
            Acuna M-3
            Trout Bowman Chrome #1

            Who is the Star Gazing card of?

            Do you need all the Kyle Lewis cards I listed, and/or dips of any of them? I think I have extras on the Topps ones.

            I’m not home now so I don’t know prices or how close we may be. I’ll check on the Mayfield card later.



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              Hey Don,

              the “Star Gazing” #’d 199 is of Acuna Jr.
              any interest in the mike trout Cosmic Haze? Would probably need an auto for that one (it’s a little on the pricey side)

              others shouldn’t be too much off the mark. I know illusions rookies are fairly common and underpriced. I do have one extra of Jordan love from that set if of interest, and I can let go of one Tom Brady base from 2020 Mosaic.

              also after Aquino, Alvarez, and I PC Devers as well.



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                Checked Kyle Lewis cards, need all above that you listed


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                  I will pull those, are you interested in duplicates? I will list what I have for Alvarez and Aquino this evening. I know I have the photo variations of them from the factory set if interested.

                  What years of Devers are you interested in? What is the bv of the Trout Cosmic Haze?



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                    Duplicates are OK but if that means I’m taking away from someone else possibly wanting them then I’ll hold off. Not sure on values seeing as I go off eBay sold listings (unless there is a better form of checking prices?) but the Trout cosmic haze I would make a safe bet it’s worth $15-$20
                    I do not mind the years on devers, if you have some topps heritage from ‘18 ‘19 that would be fanstastic



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                      I get the Beckett baseball online price guide and here’s what it shows:

                      Acuna M-3. $5
                      Acuna SG-3/199 $10
                      Trout Chrome $4
                      Trout Cosmic Haze $12

                      Topps 64. $5
                      Topps update U21. $8
                      Topps Opening Day 17 $4
                      Donruss Rated Rookie 56 $8
                      Bowman 78 $8
                      Gypsy Queen 226 $6

                      276-c. Photo variation $15

                      20-c photo variation $6
                      Bowman 79 $1.25
                      Topps U29 $.75

                      I get the monthly football Beckett and the only card listed so far is the Brady for $6.

                      I would have to list other cards of Alvarez, Aquino and Devers but it won’t be until late.



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                        Take your time, appreciate you looking into it! Whatever works best on both our ends is fine with me.. I just don’t have the resources to find prices for every card.
                        I would like to settle on a deal tomorrow if at possible that way I can have everything shipped out Monday 👍


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                          We should be able to finalize something tomorrow. I just don’t know what values for the other football you have. I’d also be interested in any Mahomes cards you may have to try and make the trade even bigger.


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                            I will find out the value of the football that I had mentioned tonight. I do however have a silver of nick Chubb (that’s the reason I started PC) that I can include with Patrick mahomes possibly. Let me know what you think.


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                              The silver of nick Chubb is from 2020 Prizm