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2010-11 Threads and Rookies & Stars FT/FS

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  • 2010-11 Threads and Rookies & Stars FT/FS

    Here are all of the Threads and Rookies & Stars Cards I have FT/FS, I'm mostly looking to trade for players in my sig, but will also be more than willing to sell.


    Demond "tweety" Carter x4
    Ben Uzoh
    Darington Hobson
    Terrico White x2
    Jeremy Lin x6
    Magnum Rolle x5
    Derrick Caracter x5
    Pape Sy x5
    Tony Gaffney x3
    Landry Fields x3
    Ishmael Smith x3
    Sherron Collins x2
    Armon Johnson x5
    Solomon Alabi x3
    Magnum Rolle /199
    Armon Johnson /499
    Derrick Caracter /499
    Darington Hobson /499

    -Studio Rookies-
    W. Johnson/Favors x2
    Bledsoe/Patterson /499
    Wall/Orton /499

    -Team Leaders-
    Celtics /199
    Raptors /199
    Nets /499
    Suns /499
    Raptors /499
    Clippers /499
    Knicks /499
    Raptors, Kings x2, Knicks x2, Nets, Bucks, Grizzlies, Hornets, Bobcats x2, Cavaliers, Celtics, Bulls, Clippers, Pacers, Wizards

    -Super Stars-
    Kevin Durant /499
    LeBron James /199
    Kevin Durant, LeBron james, Chris Bosh, Josh Smith, Andrew Bogut x2, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard x2

    -Sharp Shooters-
    Nene x2, Rajon Rondo, Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol x3, David Lee x3, Carlos Boozer x2, Amare Stoudemire, Andrew Bynum x2, Al Horford x3, Kendrick Perkins
    Marc Gasol /499
    Kendrick Perkins /499 x2
    Rajon Rondo /499 x2
    Al Horford /499 x2
    Carlos Boozer /499 x2
    Kevin Garnett /199
    Nene /199
    Marc Gasol /99

    -In The Moment-
    92 USA BKB Team /499
    08 USA Team, Tyreke Evans, AC Green, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, Magic Johnson, 92 USA BKB Team

    -#ed Base-
    Stephen Curry /199, Chris Andersen /199, Ray Allen /199, KC Jones /499
    Luos Deng /499, Elton Brand /499 x2, Joe Dumars /499, Rudy Fernandez /499
    Brandon Jennings /499, Jamal Crawford /499, Chauncey Billups /499, Yao Ming /499, Kevin Martin /499


    -Die Cut Jerseys-
    Russell Westbrook Away x2, Kevin Durant Home, Pau Gasol Home, Kobe Home
    Dwight Howard Away, Kevin garnett Away, Amare Stoudemire Home, Kevin Martin Away, Anthony Randolph Away, Antawn Jamison Away, Tashawn Prince Home and Away, Al Thornton Away, David Lee Away, Darren Collison Away, Brandon Jennings Home, John Salmons Home x2 and Away, Randy Foye Home, Chris Paul Away, David west Home, Steve Nash Home, Jason Kidd Away x2, Chris Andersen home & away, Chauncey Billups Away, Leandro Barbosa Home x2 & away, Michael Beasley Home & Away, Al Horford Home & Away, eric Gordon Home, Andre Miller Home, Steven Jackson Away, Troy Murphy Home & Away, Brook Lopez Home x2, Zach Randolph Home x2 & away, Marc Gasol Home, Shaquille ONeal Away, LeBron James Away
    -Rookie Jerseys-
    John Wall Away x2 & Home, Eliott Williams Home, Darington Hobson Away, Trevor Booker Away, Greg Monroe Away, Evan Turner Home x2, Andy Rautins Away, Lance Stevenson Home x2, Jordan Crawford Home, Brian Zoubek Away
    Luke Babbitt Home, Jeremy Lin away, Keith Gallon Home & away, Damion James HOme, Derrick Favors Home, DeMarcus Cousins Home, Eric Bledsoe Home, Cole Aldrich Away, Stanley Robinson Away x2 & Home, Willie Warren Home & away, Patrick patterson Home x2 & away, Luke harangoty away, Greivs Vaquez away x2, Xavier Henry Home, Gani Lawal Home

    -Base parallels-
    Vince Carter 1/25, Troy Murphy /25, Greg Oden /199 x2, Michael Beasley /199
    Andrea Bargnaini /199, Luis Scola, Andre Miller /99, Vince Carter /99, Rajon Rondo /99

    -Triple Threat-
    Andre Igoudala, Kobe Bryant x2, Rajon Rondo x2,

    -All Time Big Men-
    Dave Cowens /99, Artis Gilmore /99, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Artis Gilmore x2, Patrick Ewing, Mark Eaton, Nate Thurmond x3, Moses Malone x2, Hakeem Olajuwon, Bill Cartwright, Bob Lanier

    -Century Stars-
    Russell Westbrook /99, Dwight Howard /99, Anthony Randolph x2, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard, Andrea Bargnani, Chauncey Billups, Steve Nash

    -Century Legends-
    Sam Perkins x2, Jo Jo White, Scottie Pippen, Gary Payton, Calvin Murphy, Robert Horry x2

    Joakim Noah R&S JSY /299
    Leandro Barbosa R&S JSY /299
    Stephen Curry R&S JSY /299
    Dwight Howard R&S JSY /299
    Rajon Rondo Super Stars JSY /299
    Dirk Nowitski Super Stars JSY /299
    Lance Stephenson Dress 4 Success JSY /299
    Epke Udoh Dress 4 Success JSY /299
    Bledsoe/Patterson Studio Rookies Dual JSYs /399
    Quincy Pondexter Freshmen Orientation Dual JSY /399
    Lazar Hayward Freshmen Orientation Dual JSY /399
    Joe Johnson Stat Standout JSY /199 x2
    Brandon Roy Super Stars 2 CLR JSY 12/49
    Andre Igoudala Prime Cuts Nameplate Patch 10/50

    Patrick Ewing Big Men JSY /399
    Andrea Bargnani Century Stars JSY /399
    Tyler Hansbrouh Century Collecton JSY /399
    Dwight Howard Base JSY /399
    Dirk Nowitski Base JSY /399
    Brandon Jennings Base JSY /399
    Kobe Bryant Base JSY /399 HTG
    Epke Udoh Rookie Collection JSY /399
    Xavier Henry Rookie Collection JSY /399
    Daniel Orton Rookie Collection JSY /399 x2
    Paul George Rookie Collection JSY /399
    Larry Sanders Rookie Collection JSY /399
    Gani Lawal Rookie Collection JSY /399
    Craig Brackins Rookie Collection JSY /399
    Greivis Vasques Rookie Collection JSY /399
    DeMarcus Cousins Rookie Collection JSY /399 x2
    Channing Frye prime JSY /50
    Andre Miller 6 Break 3 CLR Patch /50
    Jordan Crawford 2 CLR Rookie Collection Patch /50
    Devin Ebanks 3 CLR Rookie Collection patch /50
    Patrick Ewing All Time Big Men 3 CLR Patch /50 BIN on Ebay for $30

    -R&S AUTOS-
    Kevin Seraphin Team Patch AU EXCH
    Epke Udoh Team Patch AU /457 x2
    Ed Davis Team Patch AU /449 x2
    Dexter Pittman Team Patch AU /455
    Quincy Pondexter Team Patch AU 1/461
    Gani Lawal Team Patch AU /457
    Larry Sanders Team Patch AU /455
    Daniel Orton Team Patch AU /449
    Evan Turner Team Patch AU /455 HTG
    Quincy Pondexter Team Patch AU GOLD /25
    Gani Lawal NBA Logo Patch AU 3/5

    Stanley Robinson Rookie Auto EXCH
    Willie Warren Rookie Auto /399
    Ed Davis Rookie Auto /399
    Devin Ebanks Rookie Auto /399
    James Anderson Rookie Auto /399 HTG
    Dexter Pittman Rookie Auto /399 x2
    Paul George Rookie Auto /399
    Keith "tiny" Gallon Home Jersey Auto 55/99
    Ed Davis Home Jersey Auto /99 x2
    Gani Lawal Rookie Collection JSY AUto /50
    Chauncey Billups Century Stars Auto 20/25 HTG
    Brandon Roy Triple Threat Auto /50 HTG

    All are FS/FT, Scans in my bucket

    Last edited by leedawg62; 12-07-2010, 05:43 PM.
    I am looking for: JJ Watt, Kawhi Leonard, George Springer, Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve, Panini Points...
    I don't deal outside the US

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    interested in the two quincy pondexter autos


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      Ron: Check my latest thread on RCs, GU and Autos for sale. I have prices listed on those.

      I am looking for: JJ Watt, Kawhi Leonard, George Springer, Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve, Panini Points...
      I don't deal outside the US