I have 2000/2001/2002 Laker NBA Champions Books/Magazines/VHS/.Mics. For sale, Paypal only.


The Last Season-Phil Jackson hard cover book.
Three Peat SI Commerative Magazine "Lakers 2001/2002 NBA Champions" Shaq on cover.
"Laker Glory"-Los Angeles TImes soft cover book. 2000 NBA Champions. Shaq on cover.
"The Big Title" 2000 NBA Champions Retrospective SHaq & Kobe on cover by Spencer & RUbinstein. Hard cover
"Close to A Dynasty" 2001 NBA Champions Retrospective. by Lyle Spencer Shaq and Kobe on cover. Hard cover
"Dynasty 2 Champion" 2002 NBA Champions Retrospective Shaq & Kobe on cover. by John Harens. Hard cover

VHS 1999-2000 NBA Champions
VHS 2000-2001 NBA Champions

1987-1988 Back to Back White hat-never worn.

NBA Champions The Lakers Sweet 16th SI Commerative Issue magazine
"Sweet 16"! 2009-2010 Lakers make history with NBA Championship number
16. SPort Publishing. magazine

Kobe Cards;
97 Edge #14
09 SI for Kids
01 UD #437 Game jsy edition
98 UD #186 Yr in review
02 T #30 NBA A.S.
96 Turkey Red #20
97 TSC #HS9 Hoop Screams
96 C/C One on One
97 C/C #267
07 F Hot Prospects #1
01 F Tradition #3HC HardCourt Classic
99 MVP #74
07 Echelon #24 158/999

Magic Johnson;
87 Fleer sticker #1 of 11
92 Skybox #29, 31, 34

Please feel free to make me an offer for the whole lot or parts of it. I would prefer to sell the whole lot together. Please pay by Paypal