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looking for Ron Harper!!

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  • looking for Ron Harper!!

    Hey everyone, I am new to this board and am a player collector of Ron Harper. I am interested in any short print cards out there. Below is my wantlist. Feel free to PM me if you have any of the cards below or any other rare cards from the 90s. THANKS!!

    I need all 1/1's plus...

    LA Clippers
    90-91 Panini Stickers Greek 34
    93-94 Hoops Gold Medal Bread NNO
    93-94 Hoops Clippers Sheet

    Chicago Bulls
    96-97 Topps Chrome Refractor, Chicago Bulls 72 game Record Breaker #72
    98-99 Hoops Starting Five 98 /5
    98-99 Skybox Thunder Rave 29 /150
    98-99 Skybox Thunder Super Rave 29 /25
    98-99 UD Choice Reserve Premium 20 /100
    99-00 Fleer Supreme Court Collection 135 /20
    99-00 Topps MVP Promotion 2
    99-00 Upper Deck MVP Super Script 21 /25

    Los Angeles Lakers
    00-01 Topps Final Piece Jerseys FP6
    00-01 Topps Chrome FP Jersey Refractors FP6 /10
    00-01 Topps Gold Label Jerseys Leather TT6AL
    00-01 Topps Gold Label Jerseys Leather TT6HL
    00-01 Topps MVP Promotion 172
    00-01 Ultimate Victory Ultimate Victory 27 /25
    00-01 Upper Deck MVP Super Script 79 /25

    07-08 Chronology Autographs Gold 82 Bulls /10
    07-08 Chronology The Five (Daugherty, Nance, LeBron, Price) NDJPH Cavs /10

    None (except for 1/1's)

    10-11 Elite Black Box Champions Materials Prime (Pippen, Kukoc, Rodman) 4 Bulls /25
    10-11 National Treasures Champions (Rodman, Kukoc, Jackson) 7 Bulls /2

    11-12 Panini Past and Present Gamers Jerseys Prime 80 Bulls /5
    11-12 Panini Preferred Decades Prime 5 Bulls /10

    12-13 Panini GS Black Gold Threads Prime 54 Clippers /5
    12-13 Panini Flawless Gold 27 Clippers /10
    12-13 Totally Certified Green Autographs 80 Cavs /5

    13-14 Panini Intrigue Immortalized Autographs Gold #60 /10 (Redemption only, card still not live)

    14-15 Flawless Emerald Patch /5

    15-16 Panini Gala Auto Red Ink /10 (incoming)
    15-16 Panini Black Gold Vintage Gold Holo Auto /10

    If you have something on my list, please make me an offer!


    Check out my Ron Harper cards at my photobucket!
    mdmille2's Library | Photobucket

    Check out my webpage, with my wantlist and collection statistics!
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    Hey guys, just updated my list. Please let me know if you have any cards that can help me out!!


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      Hey guys! I have had some really good hits over the last 2 months! Thanks for all your help. I updated the photobucket and my website. Take a look and let me know if you got anything that can help me out!!


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        Hey all! I updated my photobucket if anyone wants to check it out!! Keep me in mind if you find anything photobucket worthy of Ron Harper!!


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          Still looking for the 1/1s from this year. Any leads?


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            looking for cards on my wantlist.... especially any new 1/1s!!!


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              Hey all, just updated my photobucket. Have a PC milestone today. I got my first Chicago Bulls 1/1 card!!! I have a handful of 1/1's but mostly LA clippers and Cleveland Cavs. Now I just need to find a LA Lakers 1/1 and I complete THAT rainbow!! (he only has one 1/1 in and LA lakers uniform)


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                i have a harper check out my thread!


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                  Teja, I have all the crown royale except the black one. Thanks anyways!

                  Still looking for some flawless patches if anyone has any!


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                    No problem!


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                      anyone able to help me out with some serial numbered 90s, any flawless, or anything on my wantlist above??? I sent some 90s cards in for grading and my 1996-87 metal precious metal, 96-97 ultra platinum and 98-99 PMG all graded lower than I wanted, so looking to upgrade these cards as well if you have one in good condition, please let me know!!

                      Also, I got my first plate from the 90s!! a 1997-98 Printing plate from stadium club Chicago Bulls team of the 90's (with ron harper on front along with some other less important players)


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                        Updated list on page 1! I got the 2012-13 TImeless treasures bulls patch /10 and the 2014-15 Spectra Black patch /1 incoming.

                        The spectra black is the only Chicago Bulls on card auto patch 1/1 card for Ron Harper. VERY COOL addition for me to the PC!


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                          Updated my wantlist. Also, remember any SN card or rare card from 90s that ISN"T on my list, I'd still be interested if price is right. I'm starting a BGS registry and looking to upgrade some of my cards to send for grading.



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                            knocked off 2 vintage cards today:
                            2001-02 Topps MVP promotion /100
                            2000-01 Upper Deck Gold /100


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                              updated list! let me know if you can help