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$30 Best Buy bucks...

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  • $30 Best Buy bucks...

    I have $30 in Best Buy rewards that expire in 3 days.....I'll see if there's any interest here for purchase or trade today, if no interest, I'll just use it to buy a video game for the kids or something.

    lmk if interested.

    The certificate has my name on it and my member ID on it to use in person, or there is a code to use for on-line purchases.

    I haven't used one of these in awhile so I'm not really sure the rules as far as another person using my certificate, so if you have more knowledge about using these, please feel free to school me.......for myself AND the user who might be interested in trading or buying these from me.

    thx for the look.
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    + HOFer slab bed or raw.

    Collecting University of Arizona current and Alum players!!!
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