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Gonna Open 2 Boxes of Platinum and 1 box of Chrome football!!

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  • Gonna Open 2 Boxes of Platinum and 1 box of Chrome football!!

    Hopefully this is the right thread place...if not mod plz move...not sure where to put it..will let everyone know after each box!!!!
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    first box of platinum divulged:
    Trent Richardson die cut
    RG3 Rc refractor

    David DeCastro
    Travis Benjamin
    Mohamed Sanu patch auto 3 clr #D 125
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      second box of platinum:
      stephen hill die cut
      luck rc

      Greg Childs
      Dontari Poe
      Chris Given patch auto...white swatch in back with part of rams on the top...NICE CARD!!
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        box of chrome:
        Auto: Michael Egnew

        camo card alfonzo dennard #d 499
        pink refractor dontari poe #d 399
        blue card alfonzo dennard #d 199
        skinny cards nick foles and devier posey
        luck ang rg3 rc
        russell wilson refractor rc #d 125/216
        red zone rookie brandon weeden die cut card

        and that concludes my breaks till my box of national treasures gets here! will post scans when i figure it out lol
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            Decent breaks, too bad the Chrome auto was an egnew lol. Any Chrome for trade? I'm doing the base set.
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              Nice Givens patch!
              I could use the Chrome Luck for my set, also the RG3 refractor.
              cmb if for trade. .....curious what you;ll get out of the National Treasures.
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              Currently looking for:
              Football: The Gronk!
              Basketball: Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, & Michael Jordan, 90's refractors or #rd stuff, Damon Stoudamire, Penny, etc.
              Baseball: Paul Goldschmidt & Mike Trout
              + HOFer slab bed or raw.

              Collecting University of Arizona current and Alum players!!!
              Go Cats!!!

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                im cooking the kids supper and all that good stuff right now..i will check back later for if you want to done with base set of platinum and die cut rookie set...looking for auto's that i need for that and i am putting together those clear cards from elite with the rookies. lol...dont really know what they are called...but at any rate we will figure something out...
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                  Not a bad break!

                  Thanks for puttin' it up for us!
                  - Dave

                  I collect Calvin, Barry, 1 auto each of rookie Lions that make the team & HOF auto & GU.


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                    big poppa pm first dibs...he hit me up first..will holler at you..after that..thanks again!!
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                      I could use the two Dennard's if I had anything you can use. My GU and Autos are pretty limited, but have tons of base and inserts and such not listed or scanned. Any teams you can use? LMK. Thanks.

                      Collecting any Boston Sports (base,insert,GU,Auto) All Teams (Red Sox,Celtics,Patriots,Bruins)
                      Also collect UNH Football/Hockey cards
                      Also now collecting any cards including all dupes of all the following :
                      MLB : Brian Wilson (Giants, Dodgers), Chris Carpenter (Blue Jays, Cardinals), Sam Fuld (Rays), Mike Flanagan (Orioles, Blue Jays), Phil Plantier (Padres, Red Sox), Jeff Locke (Pirates)
                      NFL : Kendall Reyes (Chargers), Greg Landry (Lions), David Ball (Bears), Jerry Azumah (Bears), Dwayne Sabb (Patriots), Dan Kreider (Steelers), Ricky Santos (no pro cards)
                      NBA : Matt Bonner (Spurs)
                      NHL : Steve Leach, James VanRiemsDyk, Jason Krog, Eric Boguniecki, Andy Brickley, Ty Conklin, Kevin Dean, Rod Langway, Bryan Muir, Daniel Winnik
                      I unfortunately can no longer afford to trade outside the US. Even rates to Canada are way too high now!


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                        azdbacks...i think im gonna keep the luck and the rg3...but thanks for the look...
               use for the dennards...i will get em to ya...
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                          I can use the Browns cards. Let me know what you're looking for.
                          Trading for all Cleveland teams in Cleveland uniforms, Cleveland minor league affiliates & Columbus Bluejackets


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                            thanks for showing your box breaks, lmk if i have anything for that givens auto/patch

                            my photobucket is my collection. some will be easier to trade than others, so don't be offended if I turn down a trade offer I don't like
                            I collect hof au's/gu's,rcs and select lions/bears/vikings/twins/cubs for friends


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                              i have to have the givins,can use sanu too