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  • Inserts Part 1

    Please let me know if you are interested in anything. Thanks

    1987 Topps 1000 Yard Club 7 Walter Payton
    1990 Fleer All Pro 1 Joe Montana
    1990 Score Hot Card 1 Joe Montana
    1991 Fleer Pro Vision 5 Dan Marino
    1993 Skybox National Sports Collectors Convention IP4 Jim Kelly
    1993 Stadium Club Super Team Card Contest Redeemed Card Jim Kelly

    1993 Stadium Club Member's Choice
    250 Joe Montana
    493 Deion Sanders

    1993 Topps Black Gold 23 Steve Young
    1994 Collector's Choice The Boss Squad Boss6 Troy Aikman
    1994 Collector's Choice Edge F/X Edge3 Troy Aikman
    1994 Flair Hot Numbers 8 Joe Montana
    1994 Flair Wave of the Future 1 Trent Dilfer
    1994 Fleer Award Winner 3 Deion Sanders
    1994 Ultra Achievement Award 4 Joe Montana
    1995 Action Packed 24KT Team 5 Steve Young
    1995 Collector's Choice Rookie Collection U17 Terrell Davis
    1995 Collector's Choice the Key U68 Dan Marino
    1995 Fleer Pro Vision 1 Natrone Means
    1995 Collector's Edge Tek Tech Junior Seau
    1995 Flair Preview 8 Emmitt Smith

    1995 Fleer Gridiron Leader
    4 Jerry Rice
    6 Deion Sanders
    7 Emmitt Smith

    1995 Fleer TD Sensation 10 Steve Young
    1995 Pinnacle Rookie Replay 215 Barry Sanders

    1995 Pro Line Grand Gainers 1000
    G-14 Dan Marino
    G-16 Steve Young

    1995 Pro Line Preview GP5 Deion Sanders

    1995 Pro Line Pogs
    C-6 Barry Sanders/Herman Moore
    C-7 John Elway/Shannon Sharpe
    C-13 Marshall Faulk/Quentin Coryatt
    C-15 Marcus Allen/Steve Bono

    1995 Score Offense Inc OF1 Steve Young
    1995 Skybox Impact Same Game More Attitude F9 Trent Dilfer
    1995 Skybox Quick Strike Q8 Emmitt Smith
    1995 SP All Pro Quarterback AP-16 Steve Young

    1995 Ultra Extra Extra Stars
    483 Troy Aikman
    485 Emmitt Smith
    486 John Elway
    490 Brett Favre
    500 Dan Marino
    532 Heath Shuler

    1995 Zenith Secon Season SS2 Dan Marino
    1996 Collector's Choice Franchise Play Maker U68 John Elway
    1996 Collector's Choice MVP 22 Mark Brunell
    1996 Pinnacle Trophy Collection 168 Tony Brackens
    1996 SP Holoview 8 Steve Young

    1996 Ultra Sensations
    48 Mark Brunell
    56 Dan Marino

    1996 Upper Deck All NFL Team AN4 Michael Irvin
    1997 Playoff Experience Herschel Walker
    1999 Black Diamond Diamond Gallery G6 Keyshawn Johnson
    1999 Black Diamond Diamond Might DM8 Randall Cunningham

    1999 Black Diamond Diamonation
    D11 Jake Plummer
    D15 Randy Moss

    1999 Collector's Edge Supreme Markers (1601/5000) Curtis Martin
    1999 Collector's Edge Pack Warriors PW12 Keyshawn Johnson
    1999 Fleer Tradition Rookie Sensations 20 Ricky Williams
    1999 Leaf Rookies & Stars Great American Heroes GAH-25 (0895/2500) Steve Young
    1999 Crown Royale Gold Rookie 16 Ricky Williams
    1999 Score All Pro 270 (0301/1989) Steve Young
    1999 Skybox Dominion Gen Next 18GN Akili Smith
    1999 SP X Highlight Heroes H8 Steve Young
    1999 Upper Deck MVP Dynamics D11 Barry Sanders
    1999 Upper Deck Live Wires L4 John Elway
    1999 Upper Deck Quarterback Class QC5 Donovan McNabb
    1999 Upper Deck MVP Strictly Business 8 Steve Young
    1999 Upper Deck Myriad M9 Ricky Williams
    1999 Upper Deck Legends Tour De Force A2 Ricky Williams

    1999 Upper Deck Strike Force
    SF4 Steve Young
    SF24 Donovan McNabb

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    I need the 93 stad cl Montana and the Emmitt smith quickstrike cards off this list for our trade . Thanks


    • #3
      Interested in this
      1987 Topps 1000 Yard Club 7 Walter Payton


      • #4
        Interested in this
        1987 Topps 1000 Yard Club 7 Walter Payton


        • #5
          This card is gone. Would you be interested in anything else from the list. Sorry.


          • #6
            Interested in all of your Emmett Smith


            • #7
              Ok would you be interested in a list of Emmitt Smith Cards. I will save the Emmitt Smith cards that are listed.


              • #8
                No just the ones you already have listed


                • #9
                  Ok thanks I will save the ones you are interested in.


                  • #10
                    I’m getting the Emmitt quickstrike as I asked for it first , correct?


                    • #11
                      I did see the Emmitt Smith Quicksilver card on the previous list would you be interested in another card. Sorry for the problem.


                      • #12
                        Darren can have the Emmett Smith Quicksilver card


                        • #13
                          Ok I will give the card to him. Sorry about any problems about the card.


                          • #14
                            No problem


                            • #15
                              Thank you guys for dealing with me.