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Trading for any Captain America

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  • Trading for any Captain America

    I'm looking to add to my Captain America PC. I'll trade for any comics, figures, etc. If it's Captain America, I want it. Help me out with this obsession of mine.
    ALL Danica Patrick items--vintage Reds/B.Dodgers--vintage (pre-1980) empty wax wrappers/boxes--P.Manning RCs--oddball pre-1970 paper products

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    Hmmm. What years and what Marvel comics or artists books do you have to trade for any Cap comics?

    I actually have one from the early 1950s where he and Bucky are trying to stop the Communists from blowing up a nuke in the US, as well as the Submariner and Original Human Torch in it. Can't remember the name of the comic, but it was not a Marvel comic. That's the oldest comic with Cap in it I have, and probably won't let go of it. Wow. I should check that out again.

    What kind of Cap books are you looking for? The ones from 1990 to where he was assisinated? Didn't read it, but heard about it. Is he still dead?

    PLMK and I'll see what I have that I could turn lose of.



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      just as an FYI- hendricksis (Andy) has been busy and hasnt been on the site since october, and may not be for the foreseeable future- so dont be surprised if you dont hear back from him