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Looking for Established FIGURINE Consignment: 78' Star Wars/GI Joe/ETC.

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  • Looking for Established FIGURINE Consignment: 78' Star Wars/GI Joe/ETC.

    Hi there - hope all is well.

    I am looking for an established, veteran consignor who's experience is largely based upon working with GRADED Figurines (still in the original packaging) I've maintained a Powerseller status on eBay for well over a decade and am perfectly capable of listing figurines on my own, but I'm looking for something different. My trades often involve figurines, trading/sports cards of all types, non-sports cards [Pokemon, MTG, etc], and large collections of comic books. I'm constantly moving around, making deals, distracted, etc. I desperately need to liquidate all of the above, but I'm searching for that consignor who caters to a certain "high-end" market. Consignors who able to consistently earn top dollar for their listings.

    This will be the beginning stages of a long, profitable business relationship. I want to begin with a number of different figurines that are still in their original packaging. For example, I have roughly fifteen 1978 Star Wars Figurines. Some of the pieces have a creased backing/card, while others show obvious signs of bubbling from either being handled or stored in rough conditions, while a few others are in flawless condition. Personally, my expertise doesn't lie within the appraisal of these highly sought after items. I need to work closely with a trustworthy consignor who is able to look at, say these 15 figurines and make a rational, evidence based decision. By looking at the items , they can rattle off the approx grades that each would earn if sent in to the professionals - and be within +/- 1 level. Seeing as it costs $100/pop, accuracy is important. Another reason for me looking for an experienced vet is that it would be IDEAL if out of the fifteen items, let's say 3 are recommended for grading, 2 are 'maybe's,' and 10 don't measure up to the desired gradable quality. The consignor would immediately begin listing the 10 non-gradable items, marketing heavily to their market, as well as on Globalplace markets such as eBay. Let's say I go ahead and give the 'ok' on the questionable 2, leaving us with 5 figurines to be mailed; or $500 in grading fees. It would be nice if the consignor had the ability to front this portion, and simply keep the grading fees once the commission is realized from the sale. I realize this is asking quite a bit, but if I can find a trustworthy consignor who knows their 'stuff,' I will bring a LOT of business their way.

    If interested, please send me a message with details on the consignment fee based on a % of the overall sale that you charge, details on your flexibility in regards to covering initial grading fees, and a detailed summary of your experience that has led you to be the source of knowledge that you claim to be (eBay sales, websites maintained, shows, physical storefront operations, appraiser experience, etc).

    I am really excited to move forward/work with you in the near future. Odds are, we'll begin with the following figurines (all in original packaging):

    - 1978 Star Wars
    - G.I. Joe
    - Battlestar Galactica
    - Lone Ranger

    If the consignor is of the caliber I'm seeking out, there will be a lot more business coming your way. Ok, let's see what we can drum up. If you are reading this, and would like to recommend the services of someone else, individual or business, shoot me a msg - I really appreciate the assistance. Your generosity will not go overlooked!

    Hope to hear from you soon!