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  • Magic the Gathering Artifacts Cards

    Please let me know if you are interested in anything. None of the cards are foils. I am interested in football and baseball. Thanks

    Diamond Lion
    The Filigree Sylex
    Graaz Unstoppable Juggernaut
    Horn of Gondor
    Hylda's Crown of Winter
    Lux Artillery
    Mirran Safehouse
    Palantir of Orthanc
    Phial of Galadriel
    Realmbreaker the Invasion Tree
    Scrap Trawler
    Sol Talisman
    Soulless Jailer
    Sting the Glinting Dagger
    Syr Ginger the Meal Ender
    Tablet of Compleation
    Transmogrant's Crown
    Vexing Puzzlebox
    Zabaz the Glimmerwasp
    Zenith Chronicler

    Altar of the Goyf
    Amaranthine Wall
    Arc Spitter
    Arcane Encyclopedia
    Ashnod's Harvester
    Atrax's Skitterfang
    Bag of Holding
    Boarded Window
    Brass Knuckles
    Cement Shoes
    Collector's Vault
    Drillswork Mole
    Elixir of Immortality
    Ent-Draught Basin
    Eriette's Tempting Apple
    Foreboding Statue
    Heavyweight Demolisher
    Hero's Heirloom
    Howling Golem
    Ichorplate Golem
    Iron Mastiff
    Jhoira's Familiar
    Jodah's Codex
    Levitating Statue
    Manifold Key
    Meteor Golem
    Mirror of Galadriel
    Myr Convert
    Noble's Purse
    Nuisance Engine
    Patchwork Automaton
    Patchwork Gnomes
    Pathrazer of Ulamog
    Power Armor
    Powerstone Shard
    Prosthetic Injector
    Reconstructed Thopter
    Reito Sentinel
    Relic Amulet
    Relic Axe
    Relic Golem
    Relic Vial
    Rug of Smothering
    Sanctuary Raptor
    Sandstone Oracle
    Scion of Ugin
    Scuttling Butler
    Sigil of Valor
    Soul-Guide Lantern
    Steel Dromedary
    Steel Exemplar
    Stone of Erech
    Suspicious Bookcase
    Swiftfoot Boots
    Swooping Lookout
    Thought Vessel
    Thran Golem
    Three Bowls of Porridge
    Umbral Mantle
    The Underworld Cookbook
    Vectis Gloves
    Walking Bulwark
    Weathered Runestone
    Wizard's Rockets

    Adaptive Shimmerer
    Aesthir Glider
    Aether Spellbomb
    Altar of Pantheon
    Amorphous Axe
    Ancestral Statue
    Aromory of Iroas
    Automatic Librarian
    Automated Artificer
    Basilica Skullbomb
    Bibliolex Assistant
    Blight Sickle
    Blitz Automaton
    Blood Servitor
    Bonder's Ornament
    Bottle Golems
    Boulderbranch Golem
    Brass Knuckles
    Bronze Sword
    Bronze Walrus
    Brute Suit
    Campus Guide
    Candy Trail
    Ceremonial Knife
    Charcoal Diamond
    Chardalyn Dragon
    Chromatic Star
    Chrome Cat
    Cliffhaven Kitesail
    Cloak of the Bat
    Clockwork Fox
    Coastal Bulwark
    Cogwork Archivist
    Consulate Skygate
    Crossroads Candleguide
    Depth Charge Colossus
    Dire Mimic
    Driagon Engine
    Dramatist's Puppet
    Dredging Claw
    Dross Skullbomb
    Dukhara Peafowl
    Dune Mover
    Eager Construct
    Ecologist's Terrarium
    Energy Refractor
    Excavated Wall
    Expanded Anatomy
    Explorer's Scope
    Faceless One
    Filigree Familiar
    Fire Diamond
    Flywheel Racer
    Fodder Tosser
    Forgotten Sentinel
    Foundry Imspector
    Funeral Longboat
    Furnace Skullbomb
    Gate Colossus
    Gearsmith Guardian
    Gilded Pinions
    Gilded Sentinel
    Gleaming Barrier
    Golden Egg
    Goldvein Pick
    Goring Warplow
    Halo Hopper
    Halo Scarab
    Haunted Cloak
    Heart-Piercer Bow
    Henge Walker
    Hexplate Golem
    Howling Golem
    Inherited Envelope
    Iron Bully
    Introduction to Annihilation
    Introduction to Prophecy
    Iron Apprentice
    Iron Bully
    Irontread Crusher
    Jousting Dummy
    Lantern of Revealing
    Leather Armor
    Letter of Acceptance
    Lighting-Core Excavator
    Locthwain Gargoyle
    Lumengrid Gargoyle
    Maelstrom Colossus
    Magnifying Glass
    Marauder's Axe
    Marble Diamond
    Marching Doudrone
    Maze Skullbomb
    Mishra's Juggernaut
    Moss Diamond
    Myr Custodian
    Myr Kinsmith
    Myr Scrapling
    Mysterious Egg
    Navigation Orb
    Nimberwright Schematic
    Ninja's Kunai
    Ominous Parcel
    Ornithopter of Paradise
    Papercraft Decoy
    Paragon of Modernity
    Phyrexian Archivist
    Phyrexian Atlas
    Phyrexian Snowcrusher
    Pilgrim's Eye
    The Prismatic Piper
    Prized Statue
    Prophet of the Peak
    Prophetic Prism
    Pyrite Spelbomb
    Quick-Draw Dagger
    Raider's Karve
    Roving Keep
    Rust Goliath
    Salvaged Manaworker
    Scalding Cauldron
    Scarecrow Guide
    Scorn Effigy
    Scrapwork Mutt
    Sea Gate Colossus
    Searchlight Companion
    Seer's Lantern
    Sheild-Wall Sentinel
    Shire Scarecrow
    Short Sword
    Signpost Scarecrow
    Silent Dart
    Silver Bolt
    Simic Locket
    Sky Diamond
    Skyclave Sentinel
    Sleeper Dart
    Sojourner's Companion
    Spare Dagger
    Spare Supplies
    Spectral Searchlight
    Springjaw Trap
    Spiked Pit Trap
    Staunch Throneguard
    Stonework Packbeast
    Stuffed Bear
    Surgical Skullbomb
    Swiftgear Drake
    Thaumaturge's Familiar
    Thundersteel Colossus
    Tocasia's Onulet
    Tormod's Cryptkeeper
    Tower Worker
    Trailblazer's Torch
    Universal Automaton
    Universal Solvent
    Urn of Godfire
    Utility Knife
    Vanquisher's Exe
    Veteran's Powerblade
    Vial of Dragonfire
    Vulshok Battlegear
    Wayfarer's Bauble
    Wedding Invitation
    Wings of Hubris
    Wizards Rockets
    Wooden Stake
    Workshop Assistant
    Yotian Solder

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    All of the cards are gone