Please let me know if you are interested in anything. None of the cards are foils. I am interested in Baseball and Football Thanks

Ancient Imperiosaur
Cragplate Baloth
Elanor Gardner
Fall of Gil-galad
Gala Greeters
Kazandu Mammoth
Legolas, Master Archer
Polukranos Reborn
The Ring Goes South
Tajuru Paragon

Acidic Slime
Agatha's Champion
Armored Scrapgorger
Blessed Respite
Brood Weaver
Celeborn the Wise
Cloakwood Hermit
Copper Host Crusher
Courier's Briefcase
Dawnhart Mentor
Deathbonnet Sprout
Defend the Celestus
Dryad's Revival
Dunedain Rangers
Entish Restoration
Evolving Adaptive
Explore the Underdark
Freelance Muscle
Garruk's Uprising
Gift of Strands
Glorfindel, Dauntless Rescuer
Gnottvold Hermit
Ground Seal
Herbology Instructor
Hound Tamer
Howling Galefang
Incubation Sac
Invasion of Muraganda
Invasion of Zendikar
Iridescent Hornbeetle
Kami of Whispered Hopes
Khalni Ambush
Long List of the Ents
Luxurious Libation
Meriadoc Brandybuck
Mossbeard Ancient
Night of the Sweets' Revenge
Nishoba Brawler
Noxious Assault
Outland Liberator
Peregrin Tools
Quickbeam, Upstart Ent
Quirion Ranger
Ravenous Sailback
Renata, Called to the Hunt
Rise of the Ants
Riveteers Decoy
Roiling Regrowth
Royal Treatment
Sandstalker Moloch
Season of Growth
Shortcut to Mushrooms
Skyclave Pick-Axe
Split the Spoils
Stew The Coneys
Storm the Seedcore
Streetwise Negotiator
Sylvok Battle-Chair
Take to the Streets
Tandem Takedown
Taunting Arbormage
Territorial Maro
Tough Cookie
Turn the Earth
Up the Beanstalk
Utopia Sprawl
Vastwood Surge
Venomous Brutalizer
Veteran Adventurer
Vine Gecko
Viral Spawning
Voice of the Vermin
The Weatherseed Treaty
Wren's Run Hydra

Abundant Harvest
Adaptive Sporesinger
Adventure Awaits
Adventurous Impulse
Aggressive Urge
Almighty Brushwagg
Ambitious Dragonborn
Ancient Animus
Apprentice Sharpshooter
Arachnoid Adaptation
Argothian Opportunist
Argothian Sprite
Arlinn's Wolf
Atraxa's Fall
Attended Socialite
Avenging Hunter
Bag End Porter
Bamboo Grove Archer
Band Together
Bannerhide Krushok
Barkweave Crusher
Battlefield Scrounger
Bayou Groff
Beanstalk Wurm
Bearer of Memory
Bestial Bloodline
Big Play
Bird Admirer
Bite Down
Blighted Burgeoning
Bog Badger
Bombadil's Song
Bonded Herdbeast
Bounding Wolf
Bramble Armor
Branchblight Stalker
Brandywine Farmer
Brave the Wilds
Break Asunder
Bristling Boar
Broken Wings
Burrowing Razormaw
Cabaretti Initiate
Caldaia Strongarm
Candlelit Cavalry
Canopy Baloth
Capenna Express
Carefree Swinemaster
Careful Cultivation
Carnivorous Canopy
Chance-Met Elves
Charge Through
Chomping Kavu
Circle of the Land Druid
Circle of the Moon Druid
Civic Gardener
Clip Wings