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Magic the Gathering White Cards Part 1

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  • MichelleAnn
    These cards are gone.

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  • MichelleAnn
    started a topic Magic the Gathering White Cards Part 1

    Magic the Gathering White Cards Part 1

    Please let me know if you are interested in anything. They are not foil cards. I am interested in Baseball and Football Cards. Thanks

    Anointed Peacekeeper
    Dusk Legion Duelist
    Forge Anew
    Phyrexian Unlife
    Regal Bunnicorn
    Saradoc Master of Buckland
    Skyclave Apparition
    Sram Senior Edificer

    Against All Odds
    Ambitious Farmhand
    Angelic Observer
    Apostle of Invasion
    Attended Healer
    Bill the Pony
    Blossoming Calm
    Borrowed Time
    Bride's Gown
    Canyon Jerboa
    Cheeky House-Mouse
    Citizen's Crowbar
    Cleaving Skyrider
    Coalition Skyknight
    Elspeth's Smite
    Emeria Captain
    Eowyn Lady of Rohan
    Faramir, Field Commander
    Fearless Fledgling
    Gallant Pie-Wielder
    Glass Casket
    Grasp of Fate
    Griffin Aerie
    Hexgold Hoverwings
    Illuminator Virtuoso
    Infested Fleshcutter
    Invasion of Belenon
    Invasion of Dominaria
    Join Forces
    Kabira Takedown
    Knight of Doves
    Knockout Blow
    Kor Blademaster
    Kwende, Pride of Femeref
    Landroval, Horizon Witness
    Lost to Legend
    Phyrexian Awakening
    Phyrexian Censor
    Phyrexian Missionary
    Plated Onslaught
    Porcelain Zealot
    Refuse to Yield
    Rosie Cotton of South Lane
    Samwise the Stouthearted
    Seal from Existence
    Sejiri Shelter
    Seraph of New Capenna
    Shalai's Acolyte
    Shire Shirriff
    Skyclave CLeric
    Solitary Sanctuary
    Stroke of Midnight
    Sun-Blessed Guardian
    Swooping Protector
    Tale of Tinuviel
    Tiller of Flesh
    You Cannot Pass!

    Adamant Will
    Aerial Boost
    Ageless Guardian
    Alabaster Host Intercessor
    Alpine Watchdog
    Ancestral Blade
    Ancestral Katana
    Angel of the Dawn
    Angelheart Protector
    Angelic Gift
    Angelic Intervention
    Anointed Chorister
    Anointer of Valor
    Arborea Pegasus
    Archon's Glory
    Arcbound Mouser
    Arcbound Prototype
    Ardenvale Paladin
    Argivian Cavalier
    Argivian Phalanx
    Armory Mice
    Artillery Blast
    Astral Confrontation
    Attentive Skywarden
    Backup Agent
    Bane's Invoker
    Banish From Edoras
    Bartered Cow
    Basilica Shepherd
    Battlefield Raptor
    Battalion Foot Soldier
    Beaming Defiance
    Brefriending the Moths
    Beloved Princess
    Benalish Faithbonder
    Benalish Sleeper
    Besotted Knight
    Blacksmith's Skill
    Blade Banish
    Blessed Defiance
    Blessed Hippogriff
    Bola Slinger
    Boon of Safety
    Break Ties
    Break The Spell
    Brokers Initiate
    Buy Your Silence
    Cage of Hands
    Candlegrove Witch
    Captain's Call
    Cathar Commando
    Celebrity Fencer
    Celestus Sanctifier
    Charge of the Mites
    Charismatic Vanguard
    Charmed Clothier
    Checkpoint Officer
    Citizen's Arrest
    Clarion Cathars
    Cliffhaven Sell-Sword
    Clockwork Drawbridge
    Combat Professor
    Compleat Devotion
    Concordia Pegasus
    Cooped Up
    Coordinated Charge
    Court Street Denizen
    Crawling Chorus
    Crusader of Odric
    Cut Short
    Dapper Shieldmate
    Dauntless Unity
    Dawnbringer Cleric
    Daysquad Marshal
    Defend the Campus
    Defiant Strike
    Destroy Evil
    Devilthorn Fox
    Devoted Paladin
    Divine Arrow
    Dragonfly Suit
    Drannith Healer
    Drogskol Infantry
    Duelist of Deep Faith
    Dunedain Blade
    Eager First-Year
    Eagles of the North
    East-Mark Cavalier
    Eastfarthing Farmer
    Eiganjo Exemplar
    Enduring Bondwarden
    Era of Enlightenment
    Errand-Rider of Gondor
    Escape from Orthanc
    Esquire of the King
    Estwald Shieldbasher
    Expedition Healer