Busted quite a few of these over the past few days.

Here are the highlights:

Luke Skywalker Hoth Tactical Screen

Sebulba Millenium Falcon SP Pattern

Boss Nass Second Death Star Core SSP Pattern

-Tidal Diffractors /99-
The Emperor
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Zeb Orrelios
Poggle the Lesser
Owen Lars
Tuaken Raider
R2-D2 x2
Admiral Ackbar
Bana Breemu

-Gold Rainbow /50-
Yoda 1/50

Captain Typho
Young Boba Fett
Jon "Dutch" Vander
Tion Medon

-Cloud Diffractor /25-
Depa Billaba

Bruce Spence as Tion Medon
Nika Futteman as Asajj Ventress
Daniel Logan as young Boba Fett
Kenneth Colley as Admiral Piett
Amy Allen as Aayla Secura
Rohan Nichol as Captain Antilles /75
Paul Brooke as Malakili /75
Phil Eason as Yaddle /75
John Ratzenberger as Bren Derlin

David Prowse as Darth Vader /75

Also got this sketch, any help would be great. Appears to be either Luke or Poe Dameron as X-wing Pilot

I also opened remaining packs of Force Awakens at shop (shame on Topps for cutting Hobby Production and Distribution!!!)


Millenium Falcon Free From First Order Gold /100

and Warwick Davis as Wollivan Auto

All are FS