Busted a few of these over the past couple of days. Here's what I got:


-Foil /299-
Obi-wan/Darth Maul Rivalries x2
Unkar Plutt Alien Identification Guide
Darth Vader Show of Force x2
FN 2199 vs Finn Rivalries
Jabba's Guard Alien Identification

Poe Dameron
General Hux
Captain Needa
Lor San Tekka
Figrin D'an Alien Identification Canvas
Darth Vader vs Obi Wan Kenobi Rivalries Canvas
FN-2199 vs Finn Rivalries Canvas

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine Green
Obi-Wan Kenobi Green
General Leia Organa Green
Admiral Piett Green
Yoda Green
Anakin Skywalker Show of Force Wood

-Medallions- (really getting tired of the manufactured metal crap)
Aayla Secura Battle of Genosis $6
Poe Dameron Assult on Starkiller Base $8
Padme Amidala Battle of Naboo $6
Chewbacca Battle of Hoth $10
Rey Assult on Starkiller Base $15
Leia Organa Battle of Hoth $15
Kit Fisto Battle of Genosis Silver /99 $20 OBO
Leia Organa Battle of Hoth Gold 1/10 $120 OBO

Finn /249 $15
Bobba Fett /50 $40 OBO
Darth Vader /50 $60 OBO

John Morton as Dak Ralter $15
Lewis MacLeod as Sebulba $15
Vanessa Marshall as Hera Syndulla $15
Nina Fallon as Stass Allie x2 $15 each
David Bowers as Mas Amedda $15
Tiya Sircar as Sabine Wren $15
Corey Dee Williams as Klaatu $15
Rocky Marshall as Colonel Datoo $10
Alan Harris as Bossk $15
Toby Philpott Puppeteer for Jabba the Hutt $20
Michaela Cottrell as even Piell $15
Rena Owen as Taun We $12
Mary Oyaya as Luminara Unduli $12
Mercedes Ngoh as Rystall Sant $15
Stephen Stanton as Wilhuff Tarkin $12
Steve Blum as Zeb Orelios Foil /50 $25 OBO
Michael Kingma as Tarful Canvas 4/25 $25 OBO
Corey Dee Williams as Klaatu Canvas 10/25 $30 OBO

Bai Ling as Senator Bana Bremu Wood Auto 7/10 $200 OBO

-Better Hits-
Kenneth Colley as Admiral Piett Silver Medallion Auto 5/5 SOLD

Darth Maul Sketch by Matthew Stewart SOLD

Captain Phasma Wood Sketch by Brad Hudson $300 OBO

Kylo Ren vs Rey Great Rivalries Black Printing Plate 1/1 $250 OBO

All are available FS add $3 for shipping