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NPN 2012 Bowman Baseball

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  • NPN 2012 Bowman Baseball

    From Target

    NPN 2012 BOWMAN BB
    PO BOX 2008
    DURYEA, PA 18642

    From Hobby (not sure if regular or Jumbo Packs)

    NPN 2012 BOWMAN BB
    PO BOX 2036
    DURYEA, PA 18642

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    This is the NPN for the Jumbo Hobby Pack

    NPN 2012 Bowman BB
    PO Box 2098
    Duryea, PA 18642

    Must be postmarked by 8/8/12.

    Keep this in mind: I was told by a Topps employee that you're only allowed to send in 1 entry per product, not 1 entry per box type. That means you're not supposed to send in an entry for 2012 Bowman Hobby or 2012 Bowman Retail if you've already sent in an entry for 2012 Bowman Jumbo. I don't know how strictly they enforce this, but it is their policy.
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      That makes sense but at the same time they use different P.O Boxes seems hard for them to track each individual entry. It all depends on how they are processed I suppose.
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        I've sent in to various addresses for the same product (different package/box types) and received multiple cards back on the same product, all individually. If it's only one entry allowed per product, then why do they give out different addresses for different types of packaging for the same product?