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  • Like Stealing Candy From A Baby

    Wait. Should people even give candy to babies? I'm not a father, but I know I never gave my nieces and nephews candy when they were babies. Anyways... whether or not you give your baby candy or not... stealing it back from them isn't very nice.

    But you wanna know what is nice? It's pretty nice when you find out that you just won the door prize to the 7th Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web over at Cynical Buddha'sblog: Collector's Crack.

    The big ticket prize was this 1991 UD Domino's Pizza Quarterback Challengeset:

    If you're a fan of football and food issue oddball sets, then this set is for you. There's everyone from John Elway to Dan Marino. It's a shame that Upper Deck didn't have the foresight to include a Brett Favrerookie, but that's okay. They made up for it by adding Bart Starr.

    In addition the set, there were a bunch of Seattle Seahawksbonus cards included too:

    I was really excited to see a memorabilia card of the Hawk'sall-time leading rusher...

    2002 Pacific Game Worn Jerseys #43

    a super shiny, refractory kind of card of the highest rated quarterback in franchise history...

    2016 Donruss Optic #89

    and a promo card of the Hawk who has the 8thmost receptions in team history:

    2003 UD Promos #131

    Thank you Cynical Buddha for holding this super easy Super Bowl contest again... and for all of these nice additions to my Seattle Seahawks PC.

    Happy Saturday and sayonara!

    Collecting autographs, game-used cards, & certain inserts/parallels of the following players/teams: Tony Gwynn/Padres, Kurt Suzuki/A's, Greg Maddux, Brett Favre/Packers, Steve Largent/Seahawks, Kobe Bryant/Lakers, & Devin Setoguchi/Sharks.

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