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Accepting my beatdown

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  • Accepting my beatdown

    Jeff from 2x3 Heroes warned me via a recent blog post that something was coming my way. He didn't say it was going to be a BEATDOWN!

    These were much appreciated. I don't have many hockey autos in the binder
    I remember Wilson being a stud following behind Mallette at Arkansas
    Gilbert got into the National Title game against Bama when McCoy went down and then ended up at SMU
    Oh Ryan Lindley. You coulda been a hero

    My first Rookie Debut Auto for the binder
    Love the Topps Autos like the Brothers below
    That Gilmore is one reflective Bravo
    Speaking of the French! Eat your heart out Card Papoy. Love this nifty Blue Jay Auto
    Haven't forgotten you Kevin. Just got a big package out to buckstorecards and you are next on my international love tour.

    Jeff really helped out with my autograph project and it's much appreciated. Guess this means you moved to the top of my list. Thanks for all the great cards!


    Arizona Cardinals/Alabama Crimson Tide Alumni
    Josh Willingham 63/1101=5.7%
    Jay Barker(NFL/NCAA/CFL) 18/25=72%
    Brock Huard(NFL/NCAA) 115/382=30.10%