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Hair cards you say?? Why I'll take two!

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  • Hair cards you say?? Why I'll take two!

    When the game used craze started, people started sarcastically asking "What will they think of next?" One of those answers was always, "Yeah, I bet we'll start seeing strands of hair next." Ummm, yeah that's exactly what would happen, as Upper Deck and Topps started inserting strands of hair from historical figures in their products. Personally, curiosity got the best of me and I acquired a couple of these cards a couple of years back. They are, to this day, probably the most interesting and unique cards that I have in my entire collection. They are really the only cards in my collection that I get reaction from from not only card collectors that I know, but those who don't collect. Non collectors don't care about patch cards, refractor autographs numbered to 10 at all. In my experience, show a non collector a Dwight Howard autograph jersey SPX rookie card and you might get a mild shrug, but show them a card that contains HAIR of a U.S. Icon like Susan B. Anthony, and you'll get yourself a wide range of comments. The "why would you ever buy a hair card", the "how do you know it's real", the rolling of the eyes, the genuine interest, the appreciation of creativty, and everything in between. No other card in my collection, creates this much stir, and on that alone, I almost put these on my top 100 countdown. Where will card companies draw the line? Not only are there hair cards from historical figures, but even from racehorses, there are bug cards, card companies will continually push the limits and be creative to create the next big thing and something that'll keep collectors coming back for more. Only time will tell what the next thing will be in memorabilia cards.

    Chris P

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    Originally posted by Chris P View Post
    Only time will tell what the next thing will be in memorabilia cards.
    Allen & Ginter sets have had DNA relic cards for a few years now with hair from Beethoven, Napoleon, and Geronimo to name a few. An adult trading card set has nipple-print cards (no kidding). A recent benchwarmer set has locks of hair in cards...
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