Firstly, I encourage all card collectors to share our game with their kids (9+). Our website is

Please read on.

Rather than writing an extensive post about our cards, we will talk about our experiences so far...

We have play tested this game in a few locations and kids LOVE the game!

Okay so the game might be a little simple for adults... However for kids our game provides a challenging learning curve which can increase a child's cognitive development.

THAT'S RIGHT: Our product can help BETTER your child's development.

HOW? Well we have the basic level of play which is simple: you play by the normal rules of the game.

Once a child has gotten good at playing the game, you can introduce the next level: trying to remember players' scores. This is simpler in a 2 player game, however can be harder with 4 players playing.

Once your child is proficient with that level, you can introduce the "Master's Rule". Basically you limit treasury cards to the number of cards you and your child can remember. So in basic play, you can store as many cards as you like in your treasury. At this level, each player needs to develop their own strategy for remembering their cards! This makes the game more interesting for all ages including grandparents...