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Starting Lineup Stories: Not Even A Hurricane Could Stop Me From Getting These Babies

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  • Starting Lineup Stories: Not Even A Hurricane Could Stop Me From Getting These Babies

    In between my Starting Lineup Retrospective, I will be sharing some of my favorite Starting Lineup Stories in detail. Here's the first one.

    To say my parents are awesome would be an understatement. My parents have always been supportive of my hobbies, and probably my best and favorite example of this was around August in 1999. 1999 Starting Lineup Extended had just come out, and two of the hottest pieces were the J.D. Drew and Ben Grieve. I wanted them sooooooooooo bad, but knew there would be no way I'd ever find these at retail. We were having bad weather, and it looked like Hurricane Bret was about to get us on a direct hit. People were out scattering for supplies and such. A couple days before the storm was going to hit, I get a call from my friend Alex who had just been at H-E-B. He told me they just received a new shipment of Starting Lineups and they had the Drew and Grieve! I was excited beyond belief! Now I had to convince my dad to brave the madness so we could get em. As usual, dad was cool and we were off to H-E-B right in the middle of what was going to be a huge hurricane! It was funny seeing people buying batteries, water, etc, and there I was They weren't just ANY toys! They were rookie pieces of the hottest young stars in baseball!! My mom was in disbelief when we came back, she couldn't believe we actually went there just for Starting Lineups. "And if our house gets destroyed, what good will those do"? Ha, I didn't care, I had them in my possession. Luckily for us, the storm totally avoided us, and we didn't get major damage to our house. To this day, it's still a fun story to bring up, but that was how passionate and crazy I was about SLU's. That also was one of the numerous times, my parents came through big time for my hobby.

    Hey don't laugh now, it was worth it at the time!!

    Chris P