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Military Propaganda & Poster Series 1 case break

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  • Military Propaganda & Poster Series 1 case break

    Got my case yesterday nicely bubble wrapped OUTSIDE the box, bubble wrapped inside the box, everything nice and snug.

    I wasn't too careful with documenting each box and I missed some chases amongst the base cards the first time around.
    So, in no particular order, here are some of the highlights.


    Case 15/100 hand signed (approved?) by Jason at Cult-Stuff.

    The contents of the box. Bubble wrap around the 10 pack/boxes!
    You could play soccer with this case and have no problems with the contents.

    Front and back of each pack. This is a thick manilla pack, glue-sealed at the top.
    Inside, is a complete base set plus random chases, nicely sealed in a giant team bag.
    It's clear Cult-Stuff doesn't want to mess around when it comes to packaging.

    A couple of canvas parallels. Each of the 36 base cards come in a parallel at 1/pack.
    I found 10 of the 36 in my case. Collation was good for me such that I had no duplicates.

    Note, these appear to be on actual canvas, not just textured card stock.

    Two more canvas parallels.

    And three more. Yes, that baby-faced doll over there might give you a bad case of something or the other....

    These are interesting. There are 2 of each for these for the different Allies they were dropped on, for a total of 8 cards.
    The fronts promise an interesting time to be had, but flip it over, and you get the opposite of Life, with a giant skull declaring death to you. Nazi humor?

    ~Oh, hahaha Franz, you sure got me there with ze promise of some bööbies!~

    A food/ration stamp. I am watching Foyle's War right now on Amazon Prime videos.
    It's interesting to see how bleak and hopeless the war was in 1940 for Britain, left all alone, being blitzed nightly, and on the verge of starvation, without the reassurance we have of a better future.

    Better use that condom. It sure will fool the enemy!
    The stamp chases are nice too, as you will see next.

    More stamps. My apologies for the quality of some of these pictures. Our camera really needs to be retired.
    The cards are all beautiful, nice and smooth feeling and excellently printed. The stamps are in excellent condition too.

    You guys have no idea how happy something like this makes me.
    Out of all my collectibles, the thing most dear to me is a surrender note because, though common and not worth much, it is an actual piece of paper from the war.
    It has a known purpose and tells a story all by itself.
    This patch is glorious like that, and even more amazing in that it is NOT A REPRODUCTION.

    Another canvas (more on this in a bit), and a ribbon card.
    The canvas is a bit or irony, telling people about the evils of the British empire, being carried by its slave nations when, as we know, the Nazis relied on a tremendous force of labor camp slaves.

    A sketch card. "League of German Girls in the Hitler Youth". They must have been a bunch of fun, sitting around giggling and planning world domination, crushing the skulls of everyone not them underneath their girlie boots.

    ~Ohmygahhhhh, like I so wanted to kill him, so like I toadally did?~

    Redemption card for memorabilia too big to include in the case, in this case, a 'poster'.
    I like that the redemption card is another unique propaganda poster and I have written to Jason to ask if he will be sending them back with with the memorabilia.

    I love this set. I know a lot about WW2, and I had never seen many of the base card art.
    This shows that Jason picked things carefully and didn't simply duplicate previous publishers' attempts.

    The addition of a nice variety of chases made this an interesting break, surprising in almost every pack. One pack didn't have the 3rd (or 4th) extra I had come to expect. So, lo and behold, the next pack had an extra EXTRA chase!

    Highly recommended!
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    These are cool first time ever seen something like this .I have some of those stamps but,look even better on a card great review ill try and find some of these .Prob hard to get if there is just 100 cases . Thanks for shareing really cool stuff
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      Originally posted by bobjah View Post
      These are cool first time ever seen something like this .I have some of those stamps but,look even better on a card great review ill try and find some of these .Prob hard to get if there is just 100 cases . Thanks for shareing really cool stuff
      You're welcome!

      You can order here: Military Propaganda & Posters Series 1 | Cult-Stuff

      I now have complete base sets of 36 cards for sale, which I'll put back in the original wrapper and include a bunch of promos and chases...
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        Thanks for link This is the kind of stuff my wife collects she will love this site thanks again
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          really cool stuff


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            Any of these for trade? I'd love to get the hitler stamp. Kinda reminds me of my step dad LOL
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              i have some hitler stamps
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                Awesome break, thanks for sharing......I wouldnt mind a Hitler stamp either....a nice odd-ball item for any collection. LMK if one is available, please.

                Congrats on the case!
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