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How do you screw up a MJ Figure?? Ask Mattel!!

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  • How do you screw up a MJ Figure?? Ask Mattel!!

    In my last post, I stated how upset I was that Mattel took over licensing sports figures from Kenner/Hasbro. I also mentioned that the one shining light was that Mattel had secured a license with none other than MJ himself so it should have been the beginning of something great right?? Eh, not so much. Mattel created numerous MJ figures ( I have a lot of them) and also a couple MJ Tribute Sets like this one here

    Great piece huh? A 4 piece career highlight set highlighting Jordan's College, Pros, and All Star moments. Definitely cool....but wait there is ONE thing that stands out and bugs the hell outta me. It's that...that last MJ figure on the right..

    The Bulls NEVER wore those jerseys in the 94-95. The pinstripe jerseys were introduced the following season so it was impossible for MJ to ever wear a black pinstriped Bulls 45 jersey! I know it's nitpicky, but it really bothers me that you can't get the uniform style right especially since MJ coming back in the 45 in the 94-95 season was such a huge story, you'd think Mattel could get the proper style match right! I was biased against Mattel from the get go but this was a mistake that just set me off for some reason. I'm sure Starting Lineup made some mistakes as well, but for some reason this one really caught my eye and "grinded my gears" so to speak, lol.

    Chris P

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    Mattel should stick with hotwheels and barbies
    Collecting Panthers and Lots more