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Flea Market Finds #17: Comics + Holograms = Cool Comics

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  • Flea Market Finds #17: Comics + Holograms = Cool Comics

    When: Saturday, May 5th
    Where: De Anza Flea Market
    What: Comic Books & Comic Book Magazines
    How Much?: $6

    My new monthly gig is setting up with my buddy Mike at the De Anza Flea Market as a vendor. However this month, we weren't able to reserve a spot.

    So yesterday, I ventured out there on the opposite side of the table for the first time in several months. Unfortunately, there wasn't much in the area of sports cards or sports memorabilia. But I didn't leave empty handed.

    I came across a guy who was selling a bunch of action figures and Legos, so I stopped to see if he had any SLU's or McFarlanes. Instead, I found several boxes of comic books. Usually, I wouldn't bother even digging through them... but sitting on top was this Amazing Spider-Man #365, which features a shiny hologram on the cover:

    Well... you know me, I'm the guy who's attracted to shiny objects... especially when they're holograms from the 90's. Here's what my hunt for holograms turned up:

    Web of Spider-Man #90

    Spectacular Spider-Man #189

    Plus, I found the first issue of McFarlane's Spawn comic:

    It's not the first time I've purchase a copy of this comic... and for some idiotic reason, it probably won't be my last. In the early 90's, I temporarily ventured into comic book collecting and purchased a ton of Spawn #1. The shop owner explained to me that this would be a great investment piece. It's a shame that millions of other had the same idea, because McFarlane let the printing presses run. He sold 1.7 million copies of that issue. Talk about overproduction in the 90's.

    And finally, I picked up two issues of Wizard (Beckett for comic book collectors?):

    Who doesn't need cheap, bathroom reading material? Especially when they contain trading cards.

    Do you read comic books? If so, which ones?

    I'm not a huge comic book person, but right now I'm in the process of reading The Walking Dead Compendium Vol. 1. If you're a fan of the television series, I encourage you to pick this book up. It contains the first 48 comic books in the series and is one of my greatest purchases.

    Happy Sunday everyone. Have a great week... and sayonara!

    Extra Edition

    This morning I went out to the Capitol Flea Market, walked around, and made two purchases.

    Purchase #1: Two Riddell Mini Baseball Batting Helmets $10

    I really only wanted the San Diego Padres helmet, but he wanted $6 for one, or $10 for two. So I grabbed the New York Yankees, because I figure I can flip it next month at De Anza for what I paid for the pair.

    I've already taken the Padres helmet out of the package and added it to my shelf:

    Space is limited, so unless it's tiny, I won't be adding anything to this shelf anytime soon.

    Purchase #2: Schutt SJSU Authentic Mini Helmet $5

    The mini helmet gods must have been smiling down on me, because less than 15 minutes later I had acquired this sweet mini helmet from my alma mater. Go Spartans!

    Collecting autographs, game-used cards, & certain inserts/parallels of the following players/teams: Tony Gwynn/Padres, Kurt Suzuki/A's, Greg Maddux, Brett Favre/Packers, Steve Largent/Seahawks, Kobe Bryant/Lakers, & Devin Setoguchi/Sharks.

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