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So I Found This Wil Wheaton Card On Ebay For $1000?!

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  • So I Found This Wil Wheaton Card On Ebay For $1000?!

    If there’s anyone on this planet that can take a dinged up Star Trek: TNG trading card and destroy it further then turn around and make a mint off of it on Ebay, it’s Patrick Stewart. If there’s anyone on this planet that can take the same card and destroy it in the same manner then flip it on Ebay for a cool grand, it’s Wesley Crusher.

    I mean, Wil Wheaton.

    This is a story that I had been tracking on Twitter–easy to do since I am one of his many followers, and, ya know, Dub-Dubs and I go way back. I mean, he doesn’t know we do, but I know and that’s all that matters for this post.

    So, you’re looking at the tattered and desecrated card above and perhaps you’re thinking that even PSA wouldn’t score it any higher than 3. Some of you out there, although highly unlikely, absolutely detest Star Trek and have only the vaguest idea of who Wil Wheaton is. You combine all of these pointless factors together and wonder which insane asylum currently houses the inmate who bid on and won this cardboard disaster for $1000+.

    Don’t worry, it wasn’t me. Besides, I’m not crazy. My mother had me tested.

    Wesley Crusher Trading Card Ruined and Autographed by Wil Wheaton | eBay

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    That is crazy. LOL!


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      all i can say is W......T..........F


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          Damn that is crazy!! lol
          Still collecting Frank Thomas in any uni and HoFer G/U & Auto's.

          I do not trade nor buy at "eBay values", unless a card is so rare that it is unlisted.


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            I know someone that ripped up this card (wasnt signed).