The thirdMonday of every February is known as Presidents' Day in honor of George Washington's birthday.

It also means that I usually get a week off from work, so I figured I'd show my appreciation by showcasing my 1992 Mother's Cookies U.S. Presidents set.

Each of the first forty-onePresidents have their own card, plus there's a checklist card. I've seen these cards individually wrapped in cellophane packages, which I assume were placed into bags of Mother's Cookies. However my set came in a specially marked box. If anyone remembers how these were distributed, please feel free to comment below.

The cards are in chronological order, so card #16 is Abraham Lincoln (the 16thPresident of the United States), while card #35 is John F. Kennedy (the 35thPresident of the United States).

Each card features the rounded corners typically associated with Mother's Cookies trading cards from this time period.

The card backs have key information on the President, such as their political party and significant events during their presidency.

You can find these every now and then on eBay in the $5 to $10 range. I'm pretty sure that's about how much I spent on my set.

Overall, if you're a fan of oddballs, Americana, or non-sports issues.... then this set is for you.

Happy Presidents' Day and sayonara!