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4 Boxes of BW Hot For Teacher

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  • 4 Boxes of BW Hot For Teacher

    I'll start by saying that 3 of these boxes were from a group break I held tonight, so not all of these are mine. But for those of you comtemplating about this product....seems to be a lot of low numbered stuff in it, if you can get your hands on some.

    My box:
    Tiffany Toth Auto Kiss Card 7/10
    Brandy Grace Auto 8/25
    Nikki Ziering Sox Swatch 18/50
    Torrie Wilson Schoolgirl Swatch 11/25

    Other 3 Boxes:
    Paige Peterson Inscriptions Auto "Nerds Are Sexy" 1/25
    Angela Fong Green Auto 4/10
    Tiffany Toth Purple Auto 13/20
    Yvette Nelson Auto 8/25
    Cassandra Lynn Auto Schoolgirl Swatch (multi-color) 4/10
    Alicia Johnson Freshman Class Green Auto 1/10
    Jaime Hammer Auto Hair Class Cuts 3/5
    Candace Kita Auto Hair Class Cuts 5/10

    Buffy Tyler Sox Swatch 28/50
    Tiffany Selby Schoolgirl Swatch 15/50
    Brandie Moses Schoolgirl Swatch (plaid swatch) 4/25
    Torrie Wilson Sox Swatch (3 color) 3/50

    So, in 4 boxes there was 7 autos, 6 relics, and 3 auto relics, counting the hair pieces. Every box had 2 autos, some had an extra auto relic. 5 hits #/10 and another #/5, product seems to be pretty loaded. Camera is dead, but once it charges for a bit, I'll upload some scans.

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    wow not bad I know there better to look at then the other cards i get.
    Collecting Panthers and Lots more


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