When: Saturday, March 9th
Where: Ohlone Flea Market
What: A Boxing Magazine, Some Cups, & Pokemon Cards
How Much: $10

It took me a few years, but I finally made it out to the Ohlone Flea Market. Several people recommended this flea market, because there was cardboard treasure to be found. My informants were correct, however the vendors were asking way too much for this bargain hunter.

But don't worry... I didn't leave empty handed.

Purchase #1: 1971 The Fight of the Century Commemorative Magazine$5

The third vendor I walked up to had bins and tables full of antiques. One table had several boxes filled with older magazines, including a very cool 1974 ALCS Oakland A's program and several cool boxing magazines. We couldn't agree on a price for the program, but I felt that $5 was a fair price for a magazine featuring Ali and Frazier. I'm not really a boxing fan, but this was too cool to pass up.

Purchase #2: A Pair of MJ McDonald's Cups$2

I'm a sucker for items I collected when I was younger. When I was in college, there was a shelf in my bedroom dedicated to my "almost" complete set of Olympic Dream Team cups. Today, they're all tucked away in a box sitting in my parents' garage.

Do I really need these? Probably not. I guess I was just caught up in the moment and figured two bucks was a reasonable price for some cups I'll never drink out of. Oh well... at the very least, they'll make excellent pencils cups in my classroom.

Purchase #3: Pokemon Foils$3

Another example of me living in the past. No, I never collected Pokemon cards. But when I started teaching, I worked evenings at a card shop and 90% of their sales was Pokemon cards.

A lady had these on her table and as I looked them over, she offered them all to me for $5. I countered with $3 and she accepted. Again... do I really need these? Probably not. But I'm sure some one of my summer school students will appreciate them.

Well... that's it. A 30 minute drive, $8 in gas, and $2 for parking. And what did I walk away with? Pokemon cards and used plastic cups. At least I'll have some interesting reading material for my next few trips to the bathroom.

It's your turn...

Did you ever watch The Fight of the Century, collect McDonald's 1992 Dream Team cups, or play Pokemon cards?

Happy Wednesday and sayonara!