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Marvel Vs DC Universe Dream Match Lineup

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  • Marvel Vs DC Universe Dream Match Lineup

    I know the comic book series was done already, but it could have been done a lot better.

    If you could choose, from all the top Marvel and DC characters, what matches and lineups would you want to see when matching up the 2 universes against each other? Who do you think will win?

    Most logical matchups based on strengths and similarities.

    Hulk Vs Superman?
    Wolverine Vs Batman?
    Mr. Fantastic Vs Plastic Man?
    Quicksilver Vs Flash?
    Submariner Vs Aquaman?
    Apocalypse Vs Darkseid?
    Thing Vs Doomsday?
    Dr. Strange Vs Green Lantern?

  • #2
    I would have liked Thor vs Superman
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      Thor Vs Superman does sound better.

      Then we could change a few matchups to

      Hulk Vs Doomsday
      Spiderman Vs Batman
      Wolverine Vs Lobo
      Iron Man Vs Green Lantern
      Dr. Strange Vs Dr. Fate


      • #4
        hawkeye vs green arrow
        ghost rider vs the demon
        bucky vs robin
        night crawler vs the creeper
        captain america vs batman
        tigra vs catwoman
        colossus vs steel
        deadpool vs deathstroke

        there is a start.i'll post more later.


        • #5
          Good choices. I followed Marvel more than DC, so I had problems making matchups.

          These ones would be really good

          Hawkeye vs Green Arrow
          Captain America vs Batman
          Colossus vs Steel
          Deadpool vs Deathstroke


          • #6
            Wonder woman vs ms. marvel


            • #7
              scarlet witch vs. zatana...
              Atom vs Antman
              Darkseid vs Galactus
              Red Tornado vs Vision
              Silver Surfer vs Green Lantern
              Supergirl vs she-hulk


              • #8
                Superman vs galactus
                green lantern vs captain Mar-vell
                batman vs captain america
                superboy vs spiderman
                doomsday vs hulk
                black adam vs dr strange
                cyborg superman vs iron man
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                  captain marvel vs Capt Mar-vell would be cool


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                    big sir vs juggernaut, once big sir was mad lol

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