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Cheap Cool Cards #25: 1972 Topps U.S. Presidents #31 FDR

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  • Cheap Cool Cards #25: 1972 Topps U.S. Presidents #31 FDR

    I've always had a soft spot for non-sports trading cards. In fact, the first packs of cards I ever opened had pictures of Jedis and Wookies, not pitchers and catchers.

    That's why I quickly grabbed this 1972 Topps U.S. Presidentscard of Franklin Delano Roosevelt when I saw it in the weekly specials section at my favorite online card shop. This forty-two year old piece of cardboard set me back a whole dollar and features one of the most popular presidents in U.S.history.

    I really enjoy the set's simple design and beautiful artwork. The forty-three card set features the first thirty-seven presidents (Grover Cleveland, the 22nd and 24thPresident of the United States had only one card issued in the set), along with seven presidential candidates from the 1972 election.

    You can typically find singles from this set in the $1 to $4 range, while the more popular presidents tend to sell in the $4 to $10 range. In December there were two auctions for completed sets... both fetching less than $50 delivered.

    So if you're looking for an affordable, vintage non-sports set with a great design and enjoy a piece of Americana, then you might want look into a few of these for your own collection.

    By the way... if you're into collecting cards of U.S. Presidents here are some links to my past presidential posts:

    Happy Presidents' Day and sayonara!

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    A very nice card, it's such a pleasure to read your very informative threads, thank you for sharing.
    I am easy, I collect any and all NFL cards. Individual players I really enjoy are Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, RGIII, and Russell Wilson. My passion is Favre rookie cards and vintage cards.