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  • Direct Ties to My Childhood

    A huge part of my collection has direct ties to my childhood... which is why a quick glance into it would instantly reveal its diversity. My entire adult life, I have slowly accumulated things from my childhood. Skateboards. Movies. Record albums. Video games. Toys. Comic books. And of course trading cards.

    Thirty-nine years ago, my mother purchased my first pack of trading cards and it didn't contain any pitchers or infielders. There were no quarterbacks, point guards, or goalies either. However there were a few stormtroopers, Jedis, droids, and Wookies. Yup. It was a pack of 1977 Topps Star Wars that kicked of this severe addiction to cardboard.

    Although I'm not quite the avid Star Wars card collector I once was. I still love the entire saga... and that includes the ones featuring Jar Jar Binks. Earlier in the year while walking around the Serramonte Mall Sports Card, Toys, and Collectibles Show, I stumbled across the first issue of Marvel's Star Warscomic book from the original release.

    I didn't know much about the comic, so I decided to hold off on purchasing one. But I went home, did a little research about the different variations and current values, and then started targeting copies on eBay.

    At the end of October, I found one that fulfilled my condition requirements as well as my budget:

    It's not in perfect condition, but it looks good for being thirty-nine years old and it looks even better after I framed it up:

    The comic book was $32 (+ free shipping) and the frame was under$6 with a coupon from Michaels. Overall... I was excited to make room on my wall for this piece.

    This wasn't my only recent Star Wars purchase.

    I've slowly been picking up signed baseballs to my collection. One of them was of Jeremy Bullock who played Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi:

    The seller had done a private signing with Bullock a month earlier. I only paid $28.50 (+ $6.50shipping) for it, which is a pretty good deal considering I paid $50 for this a few days earlier:

    I heavily overpaid on the photo, but it was part of the same private signing (as the baseball) and the cost factored in the JSAcertification and the custom photo. Oh well... win some, lose some.

    I'll wrap things up with a bunch of 2015 Topps Tek Star Warsautographs that I've been picking up over the past year or so...

    The Billy Dee Williams was by far the most expensive autograph in the lot. I spent $50.99 (+ $3shipping) back in January on the Colt 45spokesperson. I spent $20 to $25 on Wicket, Yoda, and George Takei. The rest were in the $10 to $15range... except for Captain Rex... I was able to pick him up for under eight bucks on COMC.

    At this point... I'm going to call my Tek project complete. I'd love to pick up the David Prowse, but his autograph is a little out of my price range.

    Well that's it for now.

    Anyone planning to see Rogue One in the theaters?

    I've seen all seven theatrical releases... and although I'm no longer that guy who needs to see it on opening night, I'll definitely see it sometime next week.

    Happy Thursday and may the force be with you!

    Collecting autographs, game-used cards, & certain inserts/parallels of the following players/teams: Tony Gwynn/Padres, Kurt Suzuki/A's, Greg Maddux, Brett Favre/Packers, Steve Largent/Seahawks, Kobe Bryant/Lakers, & Devin Setoguchi/Sharks.

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