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Tradewars - Homeworld: Exterra Edition

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  • Tradewars - Homeworld: Exterra Edition

    Here is a preview video (Teaser/Trailer) concerning our future game which will be available for purchase on Kickstarter in the month of May.

    For more information about the game, game play videos and update information concerning the game visit:

    The game is a deck-builder featuring mostly cards... The Premium Edition - if we reach all stretch goals will have about 500 cards!!!

    Cheers everyone!

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    Please provide us with feeback

    If you've watched the Trailer/Teaser video ... does it interest you in learning more about the game? I posted one (1) card sample to give you a preview of the new artwork...

    Again if you feel like giving us your opinion, your feedback would be much appreciated!

    Truly this game is a card game with a "core" and extra "expansions". By the Deck-Builder nature of the game, many card game players could actually enjoy playing the game.

    The game features Four (4) Terran Mega-Corporations (called the Exterras) and the game is for one (1) to four (4) players. Yes, that's right there is a Solo Scenario called "The Derelict" which allows you to experience the "core" game by yourself... And in a way prepare you to be able to coach or teach the game to other players.

    This "core" game has been enjoyed by nine (9) years olds - even if they don't always make the most strategic choice or choose the best role on each turn... Parents can also play along with children and the Premium edition of the game is geared for more experienced gamers (ages 13+).

    Any ways we'd like to hear from you... Does the Teaser/Trailer interest you?! Do you want to learn more about the game?? Are you interested in card games (Obviously we know you are interested in cards ... so a card game might also peak your interest).

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      Kickstarter Launch Event: Welcome!

      Here is a link to the May 2nd 10:00 AM EST Kickstarter Launch Event:

      Facebook Kickstarter Launch Event for "Tradewars - Homeworld"!

      If you have a Facebook account, please feel free to JOIN US at this event. It will be marking the First Day (Day 1) of the Kickstarter campaign for the game.

      Cheers and hoping to see you there!


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        Live on Kickstarter NOW!!!

        Hello everyone,

        Not to overshadow the anticipation, however the game is NOW available for purchase via Kickstarter. Here is the link:

        Feel free to read-up on the project and see if you are interested in supporting our initiative .