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  • Site Issues Anyone?

    The forum was hit with a DDOS attack this morning. As a result I updated the forum to be protected by a real time security service ontop of what we already had. I just want people to be aware of this as I want to be sure it doesn't end up identifying too many false positives. So if you are doing something (i.e. trying to post something, add an attachment, browse a post, etc) and you get a strange error message or a blank screen please let me know by posting the details of what happened here.


    Mike Smeth, Owner

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    One thing I noticed when I was trying to find some football videos for the Panini Player of the Day Promotion, the youtube icon works. But when you try to use the embed code, it doesnt work anymore. I have used that before to get a larger video screen to show up. It comes back with an error message now.

    Below the regular video feed works. If you click on the up arrow underneath where it say youtube on the right corner. Click on the box and the top link will show embed. Before I could copy and paste that on here to get a better video to show up.


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      no issues on my end.... that I have noticed anyway


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        Nevermind I got it to work now.


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          I had some issues logging in on Saturday and it wpuld hang but seems resolved now!

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