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Cardboard Connection & COMC Announce New Advertising Partnership

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  • Cardboard Connection & COMC Announce New Advertising Partnership

    COMC and The Cardboard Connection Announce New Advertising Partnership

    REDMOND, Wash. - Nov. 26, 2014 - COMC is the newest advertising partner at Cardboard Connection. This is great news for the sports card industry as it will connect many collectors who are hesitant to buy and sell online with a safe and easy way to do so. COMC provides a unique consignment service to more than 3000 sellers currently, who have sent over 16 million cards to be housed, cared for, and sold via Check Out My Cards, Comics & Collectibles - COMC Online Marketplace. This gives both buyers and sellers advantages not found elsewhere.

    Buyers love COMC because every item for sale has a high resolution scan of both front and back, so the card you view and select is the exact card you will receive upon purchase. This is especially beneficial when shopping vintage, autos, patches, or cards with other distinguishing features. COMC gives a consistent, dependable experience in shopping, shipping, and customer service. Buyers interface only with COMC, while shopping a selection of millions of cards, across thousands of sellers. Shipping is a flat $3 for any number of items, from any number of sellers. With a COMC account, buyers can buy now and ship later, essentially combining multiple purchases acquired over time into one shipment for this one low price.

    COMC empowers even the busiest and least tech-savvy collector to sell online, as COMC does all the work for you. You send your cards to COMC, and they do all the scanning, listing, housing, insuring, customer service, and shipping. All a seller has to do is set their asking prices and respond to offers. COMC provides sellers with a Suggested List Price based on COMC's sales history. Sellers also have a Bulk Price Editor to price cards as a group, rather than individually, saving time. Another unparalleled feature is the ability to flip cards. A shrewd shopper with a COMC account who spots an underpriced item can purchase it instantly and immediately relist it for sale at a higher price, pocketing the profit when it sells.

    Founder, CEO, and die-hard collector Tim Getsch started COMC seven years ago because he wanted a more efficient and fun way to buy and sell cards. He took his decade-long experience at Microsoft and applied his technical know-how to collecting. Because of the maximized efficiency of housing everyone's items together, COMC has dominated the $1-10 market. There are few, if any, other places online that make selling cards in this price range worth it. COMC also supports mid-range and high-end cards. In its short life, COMC has become the second-largest marketplace for sport card singles. COMC has also become a favorite destination for set builders and player collectors according to Mosaiq's 2013 Trading Card Consumer Survey. When asked about COMC, consumers most closely associated COMC with the following phrases, "is exciting," "good selection of products," and "knowledgeable about products and the industry." For additional information, visit COMC at Check Out My Cards, Comics & Collectibles - COMC Online Marketplace and contact at or 800-517-3540.