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    Hey everyone new to the site so wanted to say hello and ask a question. I am new to collecting and my interests are really Baseball, Hockey and Football. I am originally from Scotland but now live in New England so I am kinda spoiled for sports ! I wanted to ask if anyone had any tips on how they organise their collection so I can at least start off on the right way...any insight greatly appreciated....cheers A !

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    Welcome to the site! Do you mean like making a spreadsheet to keep track of what cards you have? Or how to store cards the best way?


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      A bit of both, I see you can buy like cardboard boxes to store cards in or use Binders but the binders seem expensive but a nice way to be able to check out your collection. What do you do ? A spreadsheet sounds like a great way to keep track of what types of cards to get and where I have gaps...cheers A !


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        For me, I put duplicates into card boxes. If any of them are better cards ($5 and up, I also put them in penny sleeves too). For my complete sets, I put then in Ultra Pro 9 card holders then inside a binder. For any card over $25, I put them in penny sleeve then inside a top holder. Some people put $100+ cards in screwdown snap tight holders. I just create document on Excel of what I have in my collection. But for some sets since there are so many cards, I dont list each card (just put the year and brand of set).