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  • Feedback Transfer and account set up

    312 from The Bench

    120 from SCF

    I am an Editor and staff writer for Baseball I have agreements set up with Topps, Tri-Star and Press Pass where they send me boxes to break and review. May I also post the reviews here and give away some of the cards to members?

    I am also interested in becoming an affiliate with CCW. I would like to have a custom banner in my sig and possibly a special graphic in my profile identifying me as an affiliate.

    I would also like to make myself available for a live chat with members here to answer questions about writing for

    Please contact so we can further discuss this opportunity to work together.

    Rickey Henderson stats. 1855/6118 = 30.32% 162 GU, 6 Auto
    Sean Casey stats. 1086/2655 = 40.90% 120 GU, 53 Auto

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    I transferred your feedback so you are now in ccw member status. I will send you a pm later today with details about becoming a site affiliate. It is ok to post personal breaks and reviews on here. You can use the hobby news and mail days forums for that. It is also ok for members to run contests on here, but if it is a guess the serial number type of contest, just send one staffer the answer so they can keep track of it too. Thanks and welcome.